Woman Wondering If She Can Use HealthPartners Health Insurance For Drug RehabFiguring out how to pay for drug rehab can add onto an already stressful situation. However, you don’t have to cover treatment costs by yourself. Using HealthPartners Health Insurance can minimize out-of-pocket costs. You just need to find a quality treatment center.

Using HealthPartners Health Insurance For Drug Rehab

The Affordable Care Act requires all health insurance providers to offer some sort of addiction treatment coverage. The coverage amount depends upon the provider, their healthcare plans, and what programs patients desire.

If you want to use your HealthPartners Health Insurance for drug rehab, first you’ll need to find a treatment center that accepts your insurance. You’re likely know upfront what treatment costs you’ll need to pay for and when you’ll have to pay. Most of these same centers will alert if you if there’s any coverage changes during your stay.

Once you find a rehab center that’s willing to take your insurance, you’ll need to work with them and your insurance provider in order to figure out how payment will be handled.

Some drug rehab centers are willing to talk with your health insurance provider for you. This will help ensure that there is no miscommunication, which will eliminate unnecessary stress as you begin your recovery process.

A Great Treatment Option That Accepts HealthPartners Health Insurance

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida accepts HealthPartners Health Insurance for drug rehab. During our comprehensive inpatient program, you’ll be able to recover comfortably in our spacious, 30-bed facility.

At Beaches Recovery, patients struggling with alcohol, opiate, methamphetamine, or cocaine addiction can get treatment. Regardless of the addictive substance, you’ll receive professional care from knowledgeable and supportive clinical personnel.

Beaches Recovery offers a combination of behavioral therapies, pharmacotherapies, and holistic treatment programs designed to make you feel comfortable and safe while learning coping skills to maintain long-term sobriety.

Beaches Recovery offers help beyond drug rehab as well. As your treatment progresses, you can move onto other programs in the facility as their treatment progresses. Upon completion, you can enter extended care, transitional living or outpatient programs. On-hand medical staff will help you determine when you’re ready for the next stages of treatment.

Verify Your HealthPartners Health Insurance For Drug Rehab Today!

Figuring out how to pay for drug rehab can be difficult, but Beaches Recovery can help. Call us today at 8666050532 to verify your insurance and learn more about our programs. Together, we can conquer your addiction once and for all.