As you search for an alcohol rehab center in Georgia, think outside of the box. Now may be the best time for you to take a few days to get away from home. Step outside of your comfort zone and choose an alcohol addiction treatment program that’s in Jacksonville. At Beaches Recovery, we give you the privacy, support, and comprehensive treatment you need to heal.

Why Not Choose an Alcohol Rehab Center in Georgia?

group holding hands during Alcohol Rehab Center for Georgia residentsChoosing a drug or alcohol rehab center in Georgia may be an option for you. Yet, there are benefits to choosing a location that is further from home. Our team wants you to consider the value of leaving home, including your job and family commitments, to focus on your future. There are many benefits to working with us here in Jacksonville.

  • Gain privacy as you work on yourself
  • Avoid judgment from family and friends
  • Heal in your way, at your own pace
  • Reclaim yourself by exploring innovative treatments
  • Gain the confidence to live a sober lifestyle

Many things are important when choosing a drug and alcohol treatment program. None are more important than finding a place that can give you a real chance at healing and starting on the path to recovery. That is what you will find with us.

Where Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment Start?

When you choose our alcohol rehab center for Georgia residents, you can embrace a wide range of treatment programs designed to provide you with exceptional care and personalized attention. We have worked hard to create a path forward for you. Our residential treatment center offers modern amenities, a comfortable, home-like feel, and outstanding resources on site so you can relax a bit as you heal. This is alcohol addiction treatment at its best.

Even more important, our alcohol addiction treatment can start with detox. We have partnered with Tides Edge to provide you with direct access to alcohol rehab if that is the necessary first step for your needs. We also have tools and resources to help you transition to residential treatment programs with us.

Innovative Programs Make It Easy for You to Get Supportive Care

We strive to offer programs that fit your needs. There are some men and women who are in important jobs like executive positions or working first responders who need very specific and intense treatment. Our alcohol addiction treatment here gives you the tools to manage your high-stress job when you go back home. We also offer treatment programs for college students that can help you to reclaim the time you’ve lost due to addiction.

When you chose our alcohol rehab center in Georgia, you gain insight and support for each one of your needs. Our innovative programs, such as the following, are designed to help you achieve the outcome you desire. We offer programs such as:

This compliments our evidence-based and holistic care plan. We aim to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit. When you take the step away from home to explore the treatment programs we can offer, you may find there is a powerful way forward for you. All it takes is reaching out to our team today to get help.

Explore the Treatment That Leads to Recovery at Beaches Recovery

Your new life awaits you at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL. If you are looking for a quality alcohol rehab center for Georgia residents that is not close to home, we invite you to connect with our team. With a wide range of resources and outstanding support, we know we can help you. Reach out to us today by calling 866.605.0532 to learn more.