When you suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), every day of your life is a walk on eggshells. You fear your triggers and never know where they might pop up. Even just trying to get through a standard day is a minefield of these problems, like television commercials, something someone says to you, smells, sights or even a particular type of noise. You need help from an accredited PTSD treatment program.

PTSD is a severe mental health disorder. Victims of severe trauma suffer this illness through their lifetime. But the right mix of therapies and treatments for your individual needs can help you live a much more normal, peaceful and happy life.

At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, caring counselors understand your PTSD problems. Whether you suffer post traumatic stress disorder with addiction or on its own, Beaches Recovery’s individualized PTSD treatment program helps.

Upscale Rehab for Your PTSD Treatment Program

Man losing it with his therapist at PTSD treatment programYour PTSD treatment program must offer comforts and serenity to help you focus on what you need most. Beaches Recovery offers a peaceful beach environment where you gain exposure to plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and quiet space. Beaches Recovery also provides many amenities and specialized therapies you do not find in other programs.

In your need for a PTSD treatment program, you experience extreme amounts of stress, anxiety, depression, flashbacks, hallucinations, and sleeplessness. You possibly also experience lack of concentration, intense emotions, and physical weight changes. All of these stress responses exhaust you and make recovery seem so far away. A significant portion of people with PTSD suffers substance abuse and addiction, too.

At Beaches Recovery, you start your PTSD program where you need to start. For some, this is in an accredited detox program like Tides Edge. For others, PTSD treatment begins in residential rehab. Still, others benefit most from PHP or IOP for a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Where you need to begin is where Beaches Recovery meets you. Wherever that starting point is, your treatment at Beaches Recovery covers all of your needs. The rehab’s outstanding programs hold accreditation by the Joint Commission, proving their ability to use therapies that can change your life.

Do You Suffer PTSD and Need PTSD Treatment?

Many people are unsure if they suffer post traumatic stress disorder. They realize they have many symptoms causing problems in their life. Others go so deep into drinking or drug abuse that they no longer know if their symptoms are PTSD or the addiction, itself. Beaches Recovery gets to the root of your symptoms and identifies your specific diagnosis and treatment needs.

The most common symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder include:

  • Traumatic event flashbacks
  • Severe anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Vivid nightmares and sleeplessness
  • Uncontrolled visions or thoughts of your trauma

Fewer than half of people living with the life-hindering symptoms of PTSD get the help they need. This is sad, as the right treatment gets you back on track for a healthier life. You also learn how to deal with your symptoms, so they do not wreck entire days or weeks of your life when they appear.

Getting the Right Help Works for Your Happier Life

The right treatment provides you with great hope for long-term success. You should not risk inadequate care, as you will only frustrate yourself and spend a lot of money without true recovery. But you should also not suffer in silence, as too many do.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida provides an accredited, stress-free PTSD treatment program for people with or without substance abuse problems. Whether this treatment is your first attempt to end your trauma-based symptoms or another in a chain of therapies and programs, you can find success at Beaches Recovery.

The programs at Beaches Recovery include:

You are not alone in your journey with PTSD. Beaches Recovery’s PTSD treatment program exists to help people just like you rebuild yourself for a better future. So call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532. With or without addiction, this treatment waits for you and changes your life.