As you spend time searching for the right addiction rehab fit, you come across many new catchphrases, keywords, and addiction terms. Two such phrases include the “disease model” of addiction and “abstinence based addiction treatment programs.” What do these phrases mean for your recovery?

What are Abstinence Based Addiction Treatment Programs?

Man looks skeptically at another regarding abstinence based addiction treatment programsAbstinence based addiction treatment programs treat addiction like any other chronic, relapsing disease. This also explains the disease model of addiction, with treatment being based on the brain disease and its lifelong, relapsing nature. 12 step programs share this view of addiction and recovery.

According to the disease model, there is no cure for your addiction. But through the right therapies and support of abstinence based addiction treatment programs, you can gain lasting recovery. The “trick” of staying sober lies in relapse prevention with coping skills learned in rehab.

But with the disease model, you must also realize that relapse is not a failure. Instead, relapse points to your need to build more support around yourself and adjust what is not working in your sobriety. After a relapse, you can regain a sober life by going back to what you learned in your abstinence based addiction treatment programs.

Basic Tenets of Abstinence Based Addiction Treatment Programs

Abstinence based programs form on the foundation that all addiction relates to disease, one stemming from your physical, social and psychological background. There is no cure for this illness. But positive changes in your life and peer support keep you strong in your sobriety.

The disease model used by abstinence based addiction treatment programs also clarifies that addiction is not your fault. Instead, your biology and history set you up for this condition, one you can overcome. Treatment focuses on treating the disease, not you as a person.

One of your most important first steps toward success in recovery is admitting you have the disease and that it requires your attention. You must also realize your illness makes you unable to stand up against alcohol or drugs, meaning you must remain free of those substances. The chosen path considered healthiest in this model is through abstinence, instead of walking a tightrope to danger with moderation.

While the disease model does not look at your addiction as your fault, it does encourage you to change. You need a positive change in your life to meet the demands of abstinence and maintain your new, healthier lifestyle. These changes include replacing negative, self-bashing thoughts with positive ones. You start building gratitude, honesty, humility, and forgiveness where those likely did not exist in the past.

You always have access to support in your home community when you gain treatment in a disease model rehab. This support comes from 12 step recovery program support groups located in just about every community, coast-to-coast. These groups make up part of your aftercare and lifetime support system, when you pursue treatment in a 12 step based program.

Finding Abstinence Based Treatment in Florida

Abstinence based addiction treatment programs involve a range of individual, group and family therapies. You need cognitive behavioral therapy to change how you think and behave. You also need therapies that address other parts of your being, your body, and spirit. Through holistic methods and psychological therapies, you gain three-dimensional wellness with a real chance for lifelong sobriety.

In Jacksonville, Florida, the 12 step abstinence based model of addiction treatment exists in the accredited programs at Beaches Recovery. At Beaches Recovery you have many choices toward treatment. One such opportunity is whether you undergo rehab using the 12 steps or without them. Decisions like this one make your rehab experience unique to you, for you, and in your best interest toward lasting sobriety.

Therapies of Beaches Recovery’s 12 step based rehab include:

At Beaches Recovery you learn coping skills and relapse prevention skills you need through accredited abstinence based addiction treatment programs. Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 to learn more about the 12 steps, abstinence and how you can build a new life.