Fontana Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab CentersFontana, California averages more than 1,000 drug arrests every year and nearly 800 DUIs. Nearby Riverside County is now the single-largest drug trafficking distribution center in the country. Between 2012 and 2014, the Riverside DEA Office, which covers San Bernardino County and Fontana, seized nearly 770 pounds of heroin and 6,500 pounds of meth. That’s about 10% of the opiates and 25% of the meth seized by the agency nationwide.

Alcohol and opiates are especially large problems in California. Many people who are addicted to heroin struggle with a drinking codependency. Both are depressants that affect the brain in a similar way. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction in Fontana, California, you aren’t alone. Drug abuse is the leading cause of accidental death in California, but it’s possible to overcome addiction with specialized Fontana drug and alcohol abuse rehab centers.

Detox for Fontana, CA Residents

Detox is the very first stage of recovery because it helps you clear your mind and body of the addictive substance. You’ve probably already experienced some symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol and opiates and you know how uncomfortable these symptoms can be. What many don’t realize is withdrawal can be dangerous and it should not be attempted without help.

Supervised detoxification is a safe way to reduce your withdrawal symptoms with special medication, guidance, and counseling that will help you cleanse your body.

Fontana Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Centers

Many people who begin using opiates or drinking do so because they’re struggling with a mental disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder. This can easily lead to relapse if it’s not treated. Supervised rehab designed for people struggling with alcohol and heroin addiction is designed to treat not only the addiction but also underlying psychological problems that can make recovery more challenging.

Rehab is an effective way to overcome drug and drinking dependency and begin life anew. Rehabilitation treatment offers patients a controlled environment away from triggers and temptations with the support and tools they need to live a drug-free life.

Consider Coming to Florida for Addiction Treatment!

If you’re struggling with addiction, it’s possible to live the life you want and break free from the painful cycle. The first step to overcoming addiction is recognizing the problem and seeking help with professional detox and rehab that helps you get to the source of the problem and learn the skills you need to live a healthier and happier life.

If you’re struggling with addiction in Fontana, CA, take the first step today to start on a fresh path in life. Call Beaches Recovery in South Florida today at 866.605.0532, or contact us online.