Quality Alcohol and Heroin Rehab for San Francisco, CaliforniaThe state of California has had issues with alcohol, heroin and other drug addictions for years, and the problem has become more prevalent in San Francisco, CA, as well. How is this happening? Consider, for example, the fact that there were approximately 1.4 million prescriptions for hydrocodone in San Francisco, CA, in 2014. This number matters because hydrocodone is a prescription opiate, which is the leading cause of heroin addiction in the world today.

The Progression of Addiction in San Francisco, California

Many addictions to heroin begin with prescription medications or alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant, so it triggers the same receptors in the brain as prescription opiates. It’s quite common for people with an alcohol addiction to turn to prescription pain medications due to the fact that the person can use medications more discreetly than when they drink. Eventually, a prescription drug addiction becomes quite expensive. A person can purchase a week’s worth of heroin for what it costs to maintain a prescription drug addiction or a day or two.

There is a Solution for Heroin or Alcohol Addiction for the Residents of San Francisco

When you’re stuck in the cycle of addiction in California, it may seem like there’s no way out, but a quality addiction treatment can get you on the path to a better future. You will discover that you no longer have to turn to drinking or drugs in order to cope with the stresses of everyday life. The tools you’ll gain by leaving San Francisco and California when you go to rehab will give you the strength, courage and hope that you never have to pick up a drink or a drug again.

It all Starts with Detox

Many people in San Francisco who are addicted to substances dread the thought of going through detox on their own, but they don’t have to. By going to a reputable facility, you’ll be provided with a safe medical detox, and a trained team of medical professionals who know how to help minimize your symptoms of withdrawal will monitor you throughout the day and night.

There is more than one way to go through detox. If you prefer not to use medications to help with your withdrawal symptoms, you can go through a holistic detoxification. The choice is yours, and as long as you stay honest, open-minded and willing, you will be able to maintain your sobriety for years to come.

Where Can San Francisco Residents Go For Drug Rehab?

Getting away from the atmosphere that fostered your addiction in an excellent option for most people. That way you can avoid the places and the people that always seem to trigger your addictive behavior during your treatment.

Beaches Recovery in sunny Florida is an excellent recovery option. The ocean breezes, palm trees and beaches all serve as a serene and peaceful complement to the leading-edge addiction treatment you’ll receive. Call Beaches Recovery today at (904) 615-6361, and successfully reclaim your life from alcohol and heroin.