Quality Alcohol and Heroin Rehab for Orlando, Florida (FL)

Orlando, Florida (FL) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. As home to Disney Resorts, Sea World and Epcot Center, the city has earned the moniker “The Theme Park Capital of the World.” What is often forgotten about a popular community like Orlando is that it too has its share of substance problems among its residents. Unfortunately, some of the problems in the Orange County, Florida, area involve crime and substance abuse (alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs and meth).

Drug Crime and Abuse Stats in Orlando, Florida

The good news is the drug crime/total crime ratio in this area is a reasonable 6–7.9, which rates favorably when compared to areas like Broward and Dade counties (The Pew Center – 2013 Crime report). Unfortunately, some of the residents in Orlando have contributed to Florida’s #11 ranking in the US for fatalities from drug overdose (16.4 people per 100,000 as reported by Trust for America’s Health – 2013). As substance abuse related to alcohol and drugs like heroin continues to grow throughout the state, one can only hope Orlando residents have adequate access to professional detox and rehab facilities.

Benefits of Alcohol and Heroin Detox Beyond Community Boundaries

Orlando, Florida is home to several reputable rehab facilities. However, staying close to home is rarely the best choice for addicts who are serious about recovery from drug addiction. It’s the change of scenery and the chance to separate from bad influences that often determines whether or not addicts will be able to sustain recovery once they leave the safety of the addiction recovery facility. Alcohol and heroin disrupt and ultimately destroy lives. Fortunately, recovery empowers people to set their lives straight again. Addicts need to be prepared to do what it takes so that this can happen.

The Detox Process and Addiction Recovery

Over an extended period of time, substances like alcohol and heroin will poison a person’s mind and body. The detox process is necessary to rid oneself of those poisons. By the time mind and body functioning are returning to normal, addicts find themselves better able to understand their illness and the long-term prognosis should they choose to continue using. They soon realize that they can have their lives back if they are willing to make important changes and a total commitment to recovery.

For alcohol or heroin addicts living in the Orlando, Florida area, life is not a theme park. It’s fraught with danger and desperation, and addicts seldom have the ability to find solutions on their own. However, help is only a phone call away. Beaches Recovery has the experience and expertise to help addicts find their way back from the abyss of substance abuse through recovery. Call us at (904) 615-6361.