man and woman sitting talking about drug and alcohol rehab in jacksonville flIf you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Jacksonville, FL, it’s important to know which one will give you the best opportunity to get sober. The state of Florida has an enormous number of treatment facilities, but they aren’t all created equally. Before choosing which addiction treatment program you’re going to, you should know about the importance of accreditation as well as levels of care that are available. Some people who don’t find the proper level of care waste time or money and this situation can lead to relapse and a profound sense of hopelessness.

The Addiction Problem in Florida

More and more people each year are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Jacksonville, FL because addiction has become a major problem. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), the Miami-Dade and Broward counties in South Florida have seen some of the biggest problems with substance abuse.

Not only has cocaine abuse been on the rise for decades, but heroin is also becoming a major issue. Statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse show a decline in prescription drug abuse, but heroin addiction is on the rise. This indicates that more people need drug and alcohol rehab in Jacksonville, FL because people are turning to much more dangerous opiates faster than ever before.

Accredited Facilities in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you’re from the Jacksonville area, another part of Florida or a different part of the country, you can find an accredited drug and alcohol rehab in Jacksonville, FL. Relocation may be one of the best factors for you to begin your path to recovery if you’re not from the area because it gives you some space between you and your triggers so that you can build a strong foundation of recovery. The accreditation of the facility means that the rehab in Jacksonville, FL is using evidence-based treatment methods that have been proven to work, and it can also help save you some money.

By going to an accredited facility, there’s a good chance that the facility will accept your insurance. The Affordable Care Act has put a law in place that requires health insurance companies to provide coverage for drug and alcohol treatment. Although the insurance companies (including VA CCN) must provide this coverage, they can choose which rehab facilities they work with. Your insurance company is a business and they want to know that you’re going to a facility that is using scientifically proven treatment methods. They essentially want to be assured that there’s a decreased chance of relapse and return to treatment, which costs them more money.

Programs at Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Jacksonville, FL

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP) as well as a partial hospitalization program (PHP). The intensive outpatient program is for those who are stepping down from a residential level of care or have a less severe form of addiction. Those who do IOP are also those who are the heads of households and still need to continue going to work or school while receiving the treatment that they need. IOP provides you with the ability to have a flexible schedule, and you can live at home or a sober living while attending the program.

The partial hospitalization program level of care is for those who have medical issues or are still dealing with acute symptoms of withdrawal. Licensed medical staff are available when individuals come in for PHP.

Other drug and alcohol rehab programs in Jacksonville, FL include:

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Jacksonville, FL at Beaches Recovery

No matter how hopeless your addiction may have made you feel, there is help. Millions of people have been able to recover from an addiction and have gone on to live incredible lives. You can begin the healing process for yourself as well as your family by contacting Beaches Recovery today by calling 866.605.0532.