Man Needing Cocaine Addiction RehabCocaine addiction is difficult to overcome, but the right help can make it possible. Through rehab, patients can break free from their chemical dependencies, learn strategies for relapse prevention, and uncover the root of their addictions. In Florida, there are several rehab facilities available, but these tips can help prospective patients find the best destination for their long-lasting recovery.

Look at Available Levels of Care for Cocaine Addiction

Treating a cocaine addiction isn’t the same universally. Many things can impact the requisite level of care, including addiction duration, severity, the patient’s age, and prior treatment. These variables mean that not all patients fit the same mold, requiring more than one available level of care at a cocaine addiction rehab.

For many patients, the best treatment plan consists of time in intensive, or residential, care. However, other patients may thrive in intensive outpatient, outpatient or partial hospitalization programs. After care is just as important, and might include anything from 12-step meetings to transitional or sober living facilities.

Confirm the Use of Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

There are just as many theories about how to treat a cocaine addiction as there are cocaine users themselves. However, experimental or untested therapies can be dangerous. The best treatment methods are evidence-based. Methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmacological treatment exemplify effective programs.

Once they confirm that a facility uses proven methods, prospective patients can also ask about additional alternative therapies. Holistic methods like yoga and fitness therapy have the potential to help patients on their journey to recovery.

Inquire About Success and Relapse Rates

Although medical professionals consider addiction treatment as the road to sobriety, it’s also a road away from relapse. Unfortunately, relapse is an inevitable part of the conversation when discussing addiction. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, as many as 23.5% of patients are weekly cocaine users a year after treatment. When investigating potential cocaine addiction rehab locations, ask about relapse statistics to ensure they are at or below national averages.

Check for Recognized Accreditation

Accreditation is more than just a seal or stamp. It’s a guarantee from a major governing body that the rehab center follows protocol, uses evidence-based treatment methods, and conforms to industry standards and quality levels. Whenever possible, look for an accredited Florida cocaine addiction rehab backed by the Joint Commission.

Consider Size and Quality of Cocaine Addiction Facilities

A large facility might have impressive amenities, but it could lack the staff-to-patient ratio ideal for personalized care. Conversely, a small facility could be personalized but not offer the right amenities. Settle somewhere in the middle by finding a facility with approximately 30 beds for the perfect fit.

Ask About Health Insurance Acceptance and Coverage

Even after finding the ideal rehab facilities in Florida, many prospective patients delay moving forward because of cost. To prevent this worry, look for rehab facilities that accept a wide range of plans from major health insurance providers. Being covered financially frees patients to focus exclusively on their recovery.

For a cocaine addiction rehab that checks all these boxes and more, get to know Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. Call 8666050532 to verify your insurance and take that first step on the path toward sobriety today.