At the heart of Miami-Dade County’s commercial district sits Hialeah, Florida (FL). The city is renowned for its emphasis on Cuban culture with 74% of its population migrating from the shores of Cuba directly to the United States. It’s unfortunate that such a vibrant community should find itself locked into the Miami-Dade/Broward County’s drug trade, which breeds a fair amount of drug abuse and addiction. 


Statistical Data Related to Drugs in the Hialeah, Florida (FL) Area

The high levels of drug activity from the Miami area have far reaching consequences for the rest of the region, including Hialeah, Florida. According to a 2012 report issued by the Pew Research Center, the Miami-Dade/Broward region was responsible for approximately 30% of the state’s 126,000 drug related arrests during for the year. This fact supports the contention that the entire community is constantly being exposed to drug use, which eventually requires an increase in professional Hialeah alcohol and heroin rehab centers to help combat addiction problems.


Identifying Alcohol and Heroin Treatment Resources for Hialeah, Florida Residents

Best Alternatives to a Hialeah Drug and Alcohol RehabIn areas with high levels of alcohol and heroin use and abuse, the search for quality Hialeah alcohol and heroin rehab facilities often leads to looking outside the area, especially if there’s a shortage of available resources. It behooves local addicts to be willing to reach outside the Miami-Dade area to get the help they so desperately need.

Fortunately, they should have no problem locating professional addiction treatment services in other parts of the state. While away from the bad influences that surely exist in their home area, addicts are given the opportunity to focus on recovery and saving their lives without interference and distraction.

What to Expect from Addiction Treatment for Alcohol and Heroin Addiction

The prospects of seeking a reputable detox and rehab facility outside the home region will no doubt cause a little anxiety. However, Hialeah addicts should take great comfort in knowing that any professional addiction treatment center will be able to offer a first-class supervised detox process and rehab experience. With a body and mind clear of substances like alcohol, cocaine and heroin, addicts will find working with experienced counselors to be a salvation of sorts. The goal of such a partnership is to provide addicts with a new lease on life without the need to medicate and hide from reality.

If you reside in the Hialeah, Florida, area and need help fighting your addiction, the solution is just a phone call away. Call Beaches Recovery today at 904.615.6361 and take your life back from the clutches of your disease.


Some of the Best Alternatives to a Hialeah Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Some of the best alternatives to a Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab will offer family therapy, which can be instrumental in aiding recovery for those struggling with addiction. Places like Beaches Recovery, in Jacksonville, Florida, offer family therapy, which is in stark contrast to some Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab facilities.


Family therapy is about more than just involving the family throughout the recovery process. This type of family therapy, whether it is offered in a Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab or other recovery centers in the Sunshine State, can be educational for the loved ones of patients in rehab. Family therapy can help explain why addiction is an illness, not a choice, and how accountability rather than enabling is so important. Finally, family therapy can help patients to rebuild bridges and hold on to those important relationships that give life meaning.


Choosing the Right Program for Every Individual Patient


Anyone searching for a Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab may want to consider more than just convenience and location. After all, finding a Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab doesn’t mean that the center will actually offer the right programs to aid in recovery. Every patient has their own requirements for recovery, and some therapies or treatment methods may be more or less effective. Sometimes, even for South Florida residents, Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab won’t be the best choice.


There are several formats for rehab and recovery, and programs tend to be either inpatient or outpatient. An inpatient or residential program is one that offers 24/7 support and accommodation as well as medical supervision, care, meals and amenities. An alternative is outpatient or intensive outpatient care, where patients live independently but come to planned sessions for treatment, counseling and therapy on a regular basis.


A Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab should have the right program that meets your needs. Patients looking specifically for inpatient therapy, long-term residential programs or even partial hospitalization programs may want to look beyond Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab options and scan the entire state for the best means of recovery.


How Group Therapy Can Aid in Recovery


Whether patients decide to select a Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab facility or one further afield, or they opt for residential or outpatient programs, group therapy should play a role in recovery. Group therapy is a fantastic way for people who are dealing with addiction to connect with others in a similar situation. This can prevent feelings of isolation, and it can help patients realize that many people struggle but are able to overcome obstacles regardless.


Group therapy is also important because it helps patients reestablish their personalities and their roles in social situations. Group therapy is a chance to be polite, be assertive when necessary, speak publicly and listen to others thoughtfully. If you can’t find a Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab program that includes group therapy, it may be time to widen the field.


Incorporating Aftercare Programs for Lasting Sobriety


No Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab program will be adequate unless it includes some form of aftercare. Typically, aftercare includes the resources and options available to patients once rehab is complete. In some cases, that might mean retaining a connection with a trusted counselor for weekly or monthly phone calls, or it could mean recommendations for 12-step programs in the local area.


As you peruse nearby Hialeah drug and alcohol rehab programs, don’t forget to think about sober living options. If there are no compatible sober housing choices, head north to Jacksonville, where accommodation options abound. Sober living is the perfect transition between rehab and independent living, and it can be instrumental in the development of healthy, lifelong habits leading to long-term sobriety.