dont-settle-for-an-orlando-fl-detox-clinicWherever you’re from, the popularity of Orlando FL detox clinics might seem appealing. However, don’t forget how important detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be, and don’t settle for a clinic just because it’s in Orlando. When it comes to the difference between relapse and sobriety, the right detox clinic could make the difference.

Not All Orlando FL Detox Clinics are Accredited

Attending a detox for an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a process where patients are put their lives in the hands of trained staff. It is important that anyone who treats patients struggling with addiction has the right accreditation behind them. While it is possible for detox centers to become accredited by a range of organizations, it is best to look for recognition from a major governing body. The Joint Commission (JCAHO), for instance, is a leader in the world of healthcare and is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to addiction treatment accreditation.

Don’t Settle for a Detox With Substandard Treatment Methods

For some individuals, detox is a life and death situation. Without a real shot at sobriety, patients could be back to using drugs or relying on alcohol in days or weeks, making decisions that can lead to criminal activity or even death. With the severity of the situation in clear view, never settle for Orlando FL detox clinics—or any detox clinics in Florida— that offer substandard treatment methods.

Detox and any subsequent rehabilitation should follow evidence-based treatment methods and protocols that have been tried and tested many times before. Detox is not the time to use experimental methods or work with a center that doesn’t have a proven track record of success. Prospective patients shouldn’t be afraid to ask about treatment methods and ensure that they correlate to the highest possible success rates among patients.

Size Matters for Personalized Care

Searching for a great detox facility can sometimes feel like being Goldilocks. Some detox clinics are too small and they don’t offer the caliber of medical staff or the capability to handle certain emergency situations. Some detox clinics are too big and patients and their needs can get lost in the shuffle. If you can’t find the perfect size in Orlando, then it might be smart to venture outside of Central Florida for quality, personalized treatment.

Avoid a Detox Center Without Future Plans for Patients

Detox can last anywhere from a few days to two weeks, but it is important to note that the road to recovery shouldn’t end there. If Orlando FL detox clinics don’t have recommendations, rehab plans or aftercare suggestions in place for their patients, they might not be concerned about their comprehensive and continuing health and sobriety.

Head Away from Home for the Best Chance at Lasting Sobriety

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Central Florida, and Orlando in particular, is considered a HIDTA, or high intensity drug trafficking area. Prescription painkillers are a major problem, surpassing even the use of cocaine.

With these growing concerns in the area, it may be best for those struggling with addiction to leave Orlando when they are at their most vulnerable. Leaving a hometown for detox can also put physical distance between patients and their most common temptations, making it easier to complete detox along with a comprehensive residential program and embrace sobriety.

No patient should ever have to settle for Orlando FL detox clinics that don’t deliver the highest quality services to patients. When only the best will do, contact Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. Call 8666050532 to take back control of your life and part with your addiction for good.