Choosing to get help for drug addiction is an admirable decision. However, it is only the first in a long ling of vital choices you need to make now. For instance, do you choose a local drug rehab center in Atlanta, GA, or do you want an out of state treatment center? This choice can impact the rest of the decisions you need to make, so it would be best if you weigh your choices carefully. To learn about opportunities at a Jacksonville rehab center, call Beaches Recovery today. 

How the Environment at a Local Drug Rehab Center in Atlanta, GA Can Affect Your Recoverya man talks to his therapist about alternatives to a drug rehab center in atlanta ga

The world around you can affect your attitudes in life. Likewise, your surroundings at a drug rehab center in Atlanta, GA can make or break your recovery. For many people, they find peace and quiet can enhance the recovery process. The recovery process is not easy. Depending on what kind of drug you’re struggling with, the withdrawal process can be painful. Additionally, there can be psychological ramifications that you need to deal with during the first part of your sobriety process. A drug rehab center in Atlanta, GA may be chaotic and loud, which could be detrimental to your healing process. 

Additionally, being around your hometown may also cause you to stumble. When you stay in Atlanta, GA, you continue to run into your friends and family members, many of whom provoked your drug use. You pass the street corners where you bought drugs only a few days or weeks before. Even your little apartment still smells like the drugs. Any of these factors can cause you to relapse. While you most likely will deal with these triggers eventually, you don’t want to confront them too early in the recovery process. 

Advantages of Beaches Recovery

Rather than attending a drug rehab center in Atlanta, GA, Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL may be a better choice for you. At our tranquil beach location, we can give you the time and space you need to ensure a lasting recovery. Our treatment specialists know that you are more than your addiction.

Moreover, we know that we can give you the tools you need to overcome your addiction. For example, some people begin using drugs to help them cope with specific traumas. A trauma is a person’s response to a disturbing or distressing event that crushes their ability to push through it. It can cause you to feel helpless and dull your ability to express your emotions and feelings healthily. With trauma therapy, we help you find the root cause of your addiction and give you coping mechanisms to handle the pain of the past. 

Additionally, your addiction may be connected to mental illness. For example, some people use Xanax to manage their anxiety symptoms. However, if they overuse Xanax, it is not difficult for their use to turn into an addiction. With dual diagnosis treatment, we can treat both your addiction and your mental illness simultaneously. This treatment option can dramatically improve your chances of staying sober. 

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 At Beaches Recovery, we’re committed to helping you attain and maintain your sobriety. Whether you struggle with Xanax addiction, heroin addiction, or cocaine addiction, we know you need help to overcome them. To that end, we offer an assortment of addiction treatment programs, including:

While a drug rehab center in Atlanta, GA may be appealing, it is not the only answer. Treatment is available at Beaches Recovery. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, contact Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532