It’s quite a good thing when an addict finally admits they have an illness and need help. That’s the point when a top rehab like Beaches Recovery gets a chance to make a difference. In this modern age of addiction treatment, many top addiction treatment centers offer a vast menu of treatment options. For example, a man with a severe addiction to prescription opioids might not feel comfortable getting treatment in a coed environment. A facility that offers prescription opioid rehab for men provides a very high level of service.

The Advantages of Prescription Opioid Rehab for Men

Man looking out window of prescription opioid rehab for menGoing through rehab demands a particular kind of commitment. The last thing anyone needs is distractions that might interfere with the treatment process. One way men can minimize their distractions is to choose a prescription opioid rehab for men only. No one is implying that women are a distraction. However, there are plenty of reasons why a man might prefer getting help in a male-specific treatment environment.

First of all, most men tend to have egos. It’s difficult for many of them to display any type of weakness, especially in front of women. Second, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge there’s always a potential for sexual tension among men and women. Whether intentional or not, it’s just a fact of life that men and women can distract each other.

Another key advantage that comes with a men’s only program is the opportunity to interact with people that who have something in common. Who is going to understand the issues a male painkiller addict has if it’s not another male? This commonality often leads to camaraderie, which could form the basis of solid support groups for future use.

The focus has to be on recovery from painkiller addiction. That’s precisely why many of the top rehabs offer custom treatment programs. They want to make sure all patients have an excellent chance of getting through treatment.

Treating Pain Pill Addiction at a Mens Opioid Addiction Rehab Program

Whether it’s a prescription opioid rehab for men or any other pain pill addiction program, the process is similar. Upon entering rehab, the patient goes through an intake process. These interviews help the staff members decide on the proper course of treatment.

When the facts support it, the medical staff will put a patient in a detox program. This gives the patient an opportunity to eliminate cravings and get through the withdrawal process with a minimum of discomfort. With a clear mind and body, the rigors of therapy won’t seem so bad.

As for therapy, this is where much of the hard work takes place. Through open and honest interactions, the patient learns the truth about their addiction. The more they understand the causes and their personal triggers, the more likely they will be to find solutions. The end goal of treatment is setting the patient free with an arsenal of coping skills for addiction to avoid relapses.

Pill Addiction Treatment at Beaches Recovery

In recent years, our counselors have seen plenty of men who had an addiction to prescription pain medication. To address each patient’s specific needs, we have developed a full menu of treatment options. Yes, we do provide access to a prescription opioid rehab for men only. In fact, we offer everything a patient might need. That includes:

If you are a male who is suffering from an addiction to pain pills, you could certainly benefit from our prescription opioid rehab for men. The program creates the perfect environment for men to share information about their circumstances. If you are ready for recovery, you can call our Jacksonville, Florida facility at 866.605.0532. There’s no upside to living with an opioid addiction. However, there’s plenty of upsides that comes from traveling down the road of recovery. The choice is yours.