Discover an alternative to a Washington DC Rehab CenterAfter you’ve gone through detoxing, it’s important to find a rehab center that will help you through the rest of your recovery. The best rehab center for you has both a supportive, professional medical staff and a location that distances you from the outside stresses in your life. If you live near Washington DC, a Washington DC rehab center isn’t going give you the distance you need to heal properly. That closeness to those outside stresses could cost you your sobriety in the long run.

Why It’s Important To Go Farther Than A Washington DC Rehab Center

You might think that staying close to home for rehab would give you more benefits. Instead, not distancing yourself from the stresses in your life could let them have an impact on your recovery. Your job, responsibilities, and even loved ones could inadvertently push you out of rehabilitation before you have everything you need to know about living without drugs or alcohol. The more distance you place between yourself and those stresses, the better off you’re going to be during rehabilitation.

Living near Washington DC and attending a Washington DC rehab center would bring more cons than pros. Heading farther south to Beaches Recovery in sunny Florida can give you the distance and support you need during your rehabilitation.

Why Beaches Recovery Is Better Than A Washington DC Rehab Center

Being away from the outside stresses isn’t the only benefit to going to Beaches Recovery. With heroin use growing more popular in the Washington DC area, it’s possible that you’re struggling with heroin addiction problems. If that’s the case, Beaches Recovery is an excellent choice. The medical staff at the Jacksonville Beach, Florida location has worked with heroin and other opiate addicts over the years and they’re specially trained to deal with problems related to that drug use.

All patients who come into Beaches Recovery receive unique treatment designed to help through their particular problems. Medical professionals will meet with each patient one-on-one to determine what areas in his or her life needs the most care and support. We offer partial hospitalization treatment, as well as outpatient treatment for patients depending on what part of the recovery process they’re in. Instead of clients matching up to Beaches Recovery programs, the trained staff adapts the treatment programs to the clients, ensuring the best possible treatment.

If you’re concerned about how to pay for addiction treatment, Beaches Recovery accepts insurance from many large insurance providers, including Aetna and Humana. If you’re uncertain your insurance will be accepted, you can either call your insurance provider or call Beaches Recovery directly.

Retreat to Jacksonville For Your Addiction Treatment

Don’t go to a Washington DC rehab center just because it’s nearby. Staying close to home will only harm your recovery process in the long run. Outside stresses could cause you to drop out of the treatment programs you’re in before you’re ready to leave.

Beaches Recovery is a better rehab center for you. Not only will our Florida facility give you the distance you need, but our treatment programs are designed around you and your unique needs.

You don’t have to live with addiction problems. Reach out for help and get the full support and care you deserve. A Washington DC rehab center isn’t always the best choice for you. Call Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 and discover what our Florida center and our trained medical staff members can do for you.