If you struggle with drug addiction, then finding the right Orlando drug rehab center can change your life. Since there are so many Orlando drug rehab options, however, trying to narrow down your choices can be overwhelming. To find the perfect program for your recovery, pay attention to details like program variety, customization, the range of therapies provided, and the timeline. Sometimes, leaving Orlando means a broader range of drug rehab centers and a better route to your recovery.

Program Variety

people at an Orlando drug rehab center participate in group therapyThe first thing to consider if you’re looking for an Orlando drug rehab center is whether the center offers a variety of programs. This isn’t so much about specific therapies as it is about formatting and program schedules. This is such an essential thing to consider because no two clients are exactly alike. Every client deserves a wide range of options when they begin their journey to recovery.

For example, many clients will want to pursue a drug detox program. Ideally, any great rehab center will have options for detox in a corresponding facility. This makes it much easier to transition to rehab without leaving the system.

Prospective clients should also look for a variety of rehab schedules. Some clients thrive in residential care while others do better in outpatient programs. Some clients want to head home as quickly as possible, but others will do well thanks to sober living or extended care programs. Having all these options allows clients to find the right fit for every single step of their journey to sobriety.

Holistic and Clinical Treatment Methods

Whether you’re looking for a suitable Orlando drug rehab or you’re exploring other options in the Sunshine State, make sure that your choice offers a wide range of treatment methods. There are two major categories of treatments available: Clinical and holistic. Although clinical, evidence-based approaches to recovery are the foundation of rehab, holistic therapies can also be incredibly helpful.

What’s more, holistic therapies are often very enjoyable. Clients who participate in equine therapy or yoga therapy might develop new hobbies and passions. In addition to being a part of the healing process, holistic therapies can spark joy and encourage clients to lead full, happy, and meaningful lives. If you can’t find an Orlando drug rehab that fits the bill, a Jacksonville FL drug rehab center might be a better fit.

In addition, holistic, recreational, and social activities can be enjoyed as a group. These activities don’t have much pressure, so they are a great time to socialize and communicate with peers. Some of the bonds formed during fitness therapy, for example, could go on to last for a lifetime.

Options for Customization

Any Orlando drug rehab center you consider should have plenty of opportunities for customization. No two clients should follow the same plan for recovery. There are so many factors that impact the development of addiction as well as the healing process. In rehab, each of those individual characteristics deserves attention.

Promoting a Realistic Timeline and Aftercare Options

Be wary of any Orlando drug rehab center that promises a total recovery in 21 or 30 days. Although you can make real, meaningful progress in a few weeks, that is just the beginning. Overcoming a drug addiction takes time, and there is no such thing as an instant fix or a miracle cure.

When you explore your rehab options, look for centers that promote a step-down approach. This lets clients transition from one program to the next and reduces their risk of relapse at each step.

Looking Beyond Orlando Drug Rehab Center Options

If there are no rehab centers in Orlando that meet these standards, or if you want to head out of Orlando for a fresh start, then consider Jacksonville. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, provides clients with comprehensive and personalized care. Just some of the therapies available include the following:

For many clients, no Orlando drug rehab center is the right fit. As an alternative, consider Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. Call 866.605.0532 to learn more about the wide range of recovery programs that can help you change your life once and for all.