Overcoming addiction starts with ending drug use. However, that is just the first step on the journey to recovery. True recovery means total health and wellness in every area of life. Holistic drug rehab centers like Beaches Recovery support clients on every level so that sobriety can last a lifetime.

The Full Continuum of Care

Woman healing at the beach, part of holistic drug rehab centers.One of the most important aspects of holistic drug rehab centers is that they follow clients through the entire process of recovery. Detox is just the first step, but it is an important one.

Having the opportunity to complete the journey from detox to recovery with a continuum of care helps encourage clients to follow the right steps in the right order. Sadly, many people conclude detox and then decide to skip rehab altogether. A holistic approach, however, knows that the physical side of addiction is just the tip of the iceberg.

You might get sober through a detox program, but it won’t teach you how to stay sober. It is in rehab that you learn how to create coping mechanisms and how to make a plan for a sober life. Combining detox with rehab streamlines the process and ensures that clients get the full continuum of care until they are ready for independent living.

How Holistic Drug Rehab Centers are Different

The word holistic is used a lot when it comes to addiction treatment. All it means is that treatment goes beyond just the physical or pharmacological side of recovery. True sobriety is about more than just no longer taking drugs. It is also about finding a life that is meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling.

To achieve those goals, it may take a range of holistic therapy approaches. Some clients may need to dig deeper into issues in their past, taking advantage of many types of substance abuse therapy. There will be an emphasis on emotional stability, psychological health, and planning for the future.

Addressing Underlying Issues and the Causes of Addiction

Most holistic drug rehab centers, including Beaches Recovery, know that understanding the past is key to future recovery. Often, clients will benefit from addressing any underlying issues in their lives. After all, substance abuse usually stems directly from those problems. By resolving specific issues, clients will find it easier to avoid relapse in the future.

For example, those with a history of trauma are more likely to turn to drug abuse. In addiction treatment, trauma therapy can work to resolve those issues. When clients are stronger and more emotionally stable, they can fight back against addiction more effectively. Other underlying problems might include poor stress management skills, mental health disorders or low self-esteem.

Developing Passions, Healthy Habits, and Life Skills

Holistic drug rehab centers also emphasize bringing joy to life. Sobriety doesn’t have to be dull or unhappy. In fact, many people who get through addiction treatment find that they have new friendships, stronger relationships with loved ones and new hobbies that they enjoy.

Holistic care means that physical activities and recreational activities are part of the treatment plan. Clients might start practicing yoga on a regular basis, or they might begin lifting weights or jogging. Art and music therapy can boost skills or ignite new passions. Creating a routine with these new activities makes it easier to stay on track, increase confidence and boost both mood and overall wellness.

What to Expect From Beaches Recovery

At Beaches Recovery, clients and their loved ones can expect a holistic, whole-person approach to treatment. Evidence-based therapies are the foundation, but there are plenty of holistic therapies to round out treatment. Best of all, all treatment plans are customized and targeted to the specific needs of each client. Just a few of the possible therapies and treatments included in a recovery plan might consist of:

Holistic drug rehab centers are the smart choice for those who want a recovery that lasts a lifetime. At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, holistic therapies supplement evidence-based practice. Call 866.605.0532 if you’re ready to overcome addiction once and for all.