VA drug rehab not for this guy on white background.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioid deaths have quadrupled since 1999. For residents of Virginia (VA), the opioid epidemic has become apparent all throughout the state. If you’ve been suffering from addiction to opioids, you may have considered seeking treatment at a VA drug rehab.

Making the decision to seek treatment for addiction can be one of the most difficult things to do. If you’re on the fence about pursuing treatment, it may seem like a good idea to find treatment near home. Here are a few reasons to travel for treatment.

A VA Drug Rehab May Not Utilize The Right Techniques

VA residents suffering from addiction to opioids will likely find that a combination of medical detox and behavioral therapy techniques will be what helps them get and stay sober. While each individual’s treatment needs are different, numerous substances and techniques have been proven to work and may be difficult to find in a VA drug rehab setting.

Opioid addiction sufferers often take prescribed suboxone to help with detox and withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone combines buprenorphine with the drug naloxone, blocking opioid receptors. This combination lessens the likelihood that relapse will occur because of the adverse effects it provides when additional opioids are taken.

Effective behavioral therapies often include motivational incentives and a community reinforcement approach. Motivational incentives are tangible rewards individuals in recovery can receive to reinforce their good behavior. Often times a voucher system is established with vouchers given each time an individual in recovery passes a drug test.

Community reinforcement comes into play over the long-term, assisting individuals in maintaining their abstinence. Individuals in treatment attend individual counseling sessions where they focus on learning a variety of skills to minimize their drug use. Often, improving family relations tops the list of goals, ensuring that a healthy support system is built.

A VA Drug Rehab Might Not Transition You Properly

The transition from detox into treatment is one of the most important stages of the overall treatment process. It can be absolutely imperative that you identify a facility that is able to provide both detox and treatment. Many facilities often take the time to specialize in one or the other, partnering with other treatment providers to complete the treatment process. This can put a serious damper on how quickly you are able to embrace sobriety.

Taking the time to identify a facility that can offer detox as well as treatment ensures that you don’t waste any time during your transition. You’ll be able to work through withdrawal while beginning your customized treatment plan and can focus on building sober habits that much faster.

A VA Drug Rehab May Be Too Close To Home

Many individuals require treatment away from home in order to fully embrace a sober lifestyle. For VA residents, a VA drug rehab may be too close to the harmful triggers that can cause a relapse. Seeking treatment in a state such as Florida is often advised.

Florida is one of the best states to pursue treatment because of how treatment facilities in Florida work with insurance providers. Many VA residents find that, unlike a VA drug rehab, a Florida drug rehab can stretch insurance dollars so that insurance companies bear some of the treatment cost.

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