It’s rare that we would meet someone who hasn’t had exposure to drug or alcohol addiction. If it’s not themselves, there’s usually a family member or close friend who has battled addiction. It’s also rare that we hear about someone beating their addiction without help from a reputable rehab facility. The reality is addiction recovery care is the only reliable path to a lasting recovery.

Addiction Recovery Care – The First Step

Addiction recovery care at Beaches includes walking in natureFor a variety of reasons, it’s difficult for addicts to come to grips with the notion they have an illness. Sometimes, they don’t want to see the truth regardless of the evidence. In other cases, the addiction’s grip is so strong that the reality ceases to exist. Either way, recovery is not possible until the individual takes that all-important first step.

The first step towards recovery starts with the addicted individual admitting they are sick. They have to recognize their life is out of control and be able to verbalize it to another person. Interventions can prompt the process, but until the addict is ready to admit there’s a problem, recovery is fleeting.

Sometimes, the addicted person has to hit “rock bottom” before they realize they are at a turning point. The loss of a significant relationship, financial problems, health issues and legal issues can all create a bottom. Any event that causes that individual great distress could be the catalyst that leads them to the next step- seeking help.

Addiction Recovery Care – The Treatment Process

Experts define addiction recovery care as the process of taking an addict and nurturing them back to health. Health refers to mental, emotional and physical fitness. Once the addicted individual finds a top rehab center like Beaches Recovery, they go through an assessment process. The facility’s clinicians will determine the path of treatment after gathering information regarding the patient’s addiction. They will be looking at the depth and length of addiction, as well as family history and environmental factors.

In many cases, a clinician will prescribe a detox program. It’s necessary because it’s nearly impossible for a patient to focus on treatment while fighting cravings. In a safe environment, a medical detox will help eliminate cravings and clear the patient’s mind and body.

Following detox, a patient will usually submit to therapy. Group and individual counseling lead the way in popularity. Counselors may administer them under different treatment modalities. However, these two forms of counseling usually form the basis of most treatment programs. The objective of therapy is finding the patient’s triggers and psychosis. These are typically the driving force behind addiction. Without knowing the whys, patients are apt to repeat the mistakes of their past. It’s worth noting that some treatment programs also offer codependency recovery options. A good addiction recovery care program addresses all the patient’s living environments.

Fully educated about their addiction, patients can develop the life skills they will need to navigate future temptations. The key to a lasting recovery lies in the patient’s commitment to recovery and their ability to avoid relapse.

Beaches Recovery – A Specialist in Addiction Recovery Care

With multiple treatment options available, Beaches Recovery stands as one of the nation’s premier addiction treatment facilities. The secret to our success lies in our ability to tailor treatment plans for each patient’s specific needs. We also offer healthcare insurance payment options and aftercare programs. Here’s a list of the treatment options our counselors have at their disposal:

Life as an addict leads nowhere but prison, insanity or death. But it doesn’t have to be you. Your options include the opportunity to seek help from Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. When you are ready to admit defeat and submit to addiction recovery care, you can reach out to us with a simple phone call to 866.605.0532. Through hard work and commitment, you can turn your life around. The goal of every person should be nothing less than living a healthy life without distractions.