Modern and progressive treatment programs like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida include a multitude of therapeutic methods to help clients overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction today is not all classroom and office-based, as it was in the past. Instead, clients are more fully engaged through experiential therapies in real-life settings as a means to help them deal with thoughts and feelings long obscured by their substance abuse.

While participating in these activities, clients are more fully open to self-discovery and learning from others, just as their thoughts and emotions are more free to surface. Real-life experiences also provide for a richer learning experience than many types of educational sessions.

Bowling as a Therapy in Drug Rehab

It may sound ineffective at the surface and more like entertainment than therapy, but bowling offers clients surprising benefits when enjoyed during drug rehab. Drugs and alcohol hinder individuals’ connection to others and build up walls against personal feelings. When engaging in sports with others during rehab, clients experience many thoughts, emotions and situations they are unfamiliar with and must learn to navigate for healthy and productive living.

As a recreational pursuit, bowling allows clients to connect to each other in ways that they haven’t been able to during their period of substance abuse. Clients are able to let their guard down when engaging in the sport, enabling peer interaction with greater depth and spirit than past years have allowed. In recovery, clients are healthier and stronger when surrounded by like-minded, supportive peers and learning how to form these bonds in sobriety will serve clients for years to come.

Bowling also allows clients to reconnect with themselves. During a simple game, clients own competitive spirit will awaken. They become aware of fears, thoughts and emotions that they had long forgotten. For many in rehab, recreation like this can provide awareness of some of the underlying causes of their addiction that may be later addressed in individual or group therapy sessions.

How Bowling Helps Clients in Rehab

Bowling is a sport that doesn’t require a great deal of athleticism or competitive nature for participation. Clients not desiring to engage in more extreme activities can gain many of the same benefits from this more docile recreation. On the alley and as they try to pursue a strike, clients are faced with decisions, frustrations, obstacles and other elements true to everyday living in recovery.

As looking over the ball and at their pins, clients learn to develop balance, deal with fear, be mindful and maintain calm. When playing with others, clients must conquer anxiety, temper energy and remain focused. They relearn what works for building positive relationships and what aspects of their nature must be overcome to keep others engaged as part of healthy interaction.

Many parallels exist between this sport and everyday life in sobriety. Beyond those parallels and the thoughts and emotions that may surface for addressing in therapy, great connection can be made with others.

Peer Interaction at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville

Bowling is just one form of recreation available for peer interaction during rehab at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville. Beaches Recovery offers a multitude of healthy activities and experiential therapies for clients wanting to develop deeper and more fulfilling relationships in life.

At Beaches, clients are treated as part of individualized treatment plans. These plans are based upon their unique interests, needs and culture through evidence-based therapies providing healing of the mind, body and spirit. In inpatient, outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment, clients are readied for peer interaction and healthier living through recreational pursuits and group therapies that provide entertainment and adventure while forming a pathway to healing.

You can conquer your addiction in some surprising ways. If you (or someone you love) want to conquer addiction to drugs or alcohol while engaging in development of healthier interests like bowling, call Beaches Recovery now at 8662749281.