Family healing at Beaches using family therapy techniquesThose addicted to substances are seldom the only victim of their addiction. In many cases, family and friends also experience and feel the effects. This is particularly true in the case of adolescents and young adults, who are still dependent on their parents. Noting the importance of family to these addicted individuals, it’s easy to understand the equal importance of family therapy techniques that treatment centers like Beaches Recovery use on a regular basis.

Three Basic Family Therapy Techniques

Before we discuss the benefits of family therapy techniques, it would be beneficial for us to offer up a little information about the three most popular family therapy techniques the industry employs these days.

1. Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT)–Therapists employ this option with the belief that the addicted family member’s problems may stem from issues related to how they interact with one or more other family members. Treatment involves the therapist watching how the family interacts with one another, followed by the therapist offering suggestions on how the family unit can curtail its negative interactions.

2. Family Behavior Therapy (FBT)–The therapist uses this approach when they choose to focus specifically on the addicted person’s behavior. The task at hand is to use the relationship between him or her and at least one family member to try to alter behavioral patterns. Therapists will typically employ behavior contracts and interventions from a menu of evidence-based therapy options to facilitate the interaction between parties.

3. Family Functional Therapy (FFT)–This option takes a broader view of the family as a whole and how it operates. When the therapist and family identify possible issues, the therapist will offer communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques. These reduce the problems the family has in the way they operate as a unit.

The Benefits of Family Therapy Techniques

Therapists employ any of the three family therapy techniques listed above because they create benefits to the addicted person and their loved ones. Many times, family members are reluctant to participate in any type of therapy. They believe the problem lies only with the one abusing substances. Hopefully, one of the therapies listed above will break down those walls. When the family gets involved, the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • The substance abuser gains a better understanding of their feelings
  • Family members better understand their loved one’s addiction and how they can support
  • Improves communication between family members
  • Gives the patient another form of a support group
  • Help identify any co-dependency issues the family presents
  • Promotes addiction awareness, which could help prevent other family members from abusing substances
  • Creates better family relationships

It’s worth noting that therapists can use any type of family counseling in conjunction with other treatment modalities.

Family Therapy Techniques at Beaches Recovery

At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, our counselors take the family’s involvement in treatment very seriously. When harmful family relationships seem to be part of the addiction problem, we are happy to provide a family treatment program. The goal of this program is to bring key family members together. We’ll help you build a better foundation. Ultimately, this should help the patient with their recovery process.

Here’s some additional information about our facility:

  • Joint Commission accredited with 30 residential beds
  • Offer a wide range of treatment options, customized to meet the patient’s specific needs
  • Treat the following addictions–meth, crack, heroin, painkillers, and alcohol
  • Work with most major insurance providers for health insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment
  • Offer plenty of aftercare options, including 12-Step programs and transitional living

If you or a loved one struggle with both an addiction and family issues, the family treatment program at Beaches Recovery could be right for you. There’s no time like the present for you to get the help you need. You can take the most important step in your recovery by simply picking up the phone and calling us at 866.605.0532.