The CT approaches to treatment involve behavior and talk therapy.When people get tired of living in their addiction and are ready to commit to treatment, it’s important to use this time to retrain the brain into creating new behaviors. Through CBT approaches to treatment (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Beaches Recovery, you’ll be going through treatment that has been scientifically proven to help people recover from active addiction.

Addiction is a disease that involves a mental obsession and physical craving. Those who are suffering from the disease of addiction get stuck in a perpetual cycle of drinking or using, as well as seeking a way to drink or use. Their mind is on autopilot, and it’s difficult to break the cycle.


Evidence-Based Treatment Is Important

CBT approaches to treatment are a form of evidence-based treatment, which means that there is scientific proof that it helps people overcome addiction. There are many treatment facilities across the country. Some don’t provide clients with treatment methods that have been tried and proven to have positive results. While there are many different philosophies about what can help a person stay sober, it’s beneficial to go through a facility that actually has the evidence that backs up the methods that it is using.

There have been many technological and scientific advances that have helped us understand the disease of addiction. It’s no longer thought that the disease of addiction is simply a matter of a person’s willpower. Addiction begins in the mind and involves an issue with the pleasure system in the brain as well as the prefrontal cortex. While there is no cure for addiction,  the CBT approaches to treatment helps the brain recover so a person can live a fulfilling, productive life.

Identifying Destructive Behaviors through The CBT Approaches to Treatment Therapy

The first step in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT is to recognize destructive behaviors and how they lead to relapse. Alcohol and drugs are only a symptom of the disease of addiction. It’s important to identify the thoughts and behaviors that lead a person toward taking that first drink or drug.

What triggers addictive behavior? Individuals may want to drink or use drugs when they’re angry or upset with someone at home or at work. Others are triggered by their own guilt or a traumatic past. Once Beaches Recovery helps you understand how these thoughts and behaviors lead to picking up the first drink or drug, you’ll be ready for the next step.

Replacing Old Behaviors through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT

While you’re at Beaches Recovery, you’ll be given suggestions as to how to replace these old behaviors with new ones. Even if you relocated to Florida for treatment, you’ll find that you’re still triggered by different people, places and situations. By taking the suggestions to embrace new activities or guiding your thinking, you’ll find that dealing with these triggers is a much easier situation. Treatment provides you the opportunity to practice these techniques. When you’re discharged you will have confidence that you can face your triggers without having to drink or use.

Beaches Recovery is passionate about helping people get started on the road to recovery with a strong foundation. Here, you’ll learn about yourself as well as the disease of addiction. You will be equipped with what it takes to embrace long-term sobriety. If you’d like more information about the program at Beaches Recovery, don’t hesitate to call us today at 8666050532.