Dealing with a substance abuse problem is challenging and can be disheartening, especially if you’ve tried to quit in the past. However, the problem is compounded when you have a mental health disorder along with it. In this type of situation, you benefit from comorbidity treatment programs. These programs will provide you with thorough treatments for complex problems. Dual diagnosis treatment programs in Jacksonville FL are leading the way in addressing the complexity of mental health and substance use disorders.

A Brief Description of Comorbidity

If you have two problems that occur simultaneously, then you have a comorbid condition. In other words, if you are suffering from a borderline personality disorder and you have an addiction problem with cocaine or meth or any other substance, then you fit the criteria for a comorbid diagnosis. When you have comorbidities, then you need a comorbidity treatment center to maximize your healing potential.

What are Comorbidity Treatment Programs?

A treatment program that focuses on a comorbid diagnosis is one that is capable of treating both mental health and substance abuse at the same time.

comorbidity treatment programs

Therapy needs to zero in on the root cause of the substance abuse as well as what all is behind the mental health condition. A dual diagnosis treatment program does just that.

How Do Comorbidity Treatment Programs Work?

Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both diagnoses simultaneously. To understand how the therapies work in this type of treatment, it’s critical to have an understanding of the connection between mental health and substance abuse. Many people with mental health conditions also have a substance use disorder. Mental health conditions more often than not lead people to use drugs or alcohol, which results in the substance use disorder. This happens because many times people with a mental illness are not being treated for their condition. So, they self medicate. This leads to addiction. If they were to seek the proper treatment for the mental illness, this would help resolve the substance abuse issues in time.

On the other hand, some people use drugs for an extended period and it changes the structure of their brain, thus leading to mental illness. It may lead them to depression because drugs artificially boost the brain’s natural “feel good” chemicals. Over time, the brain stops producing its own chemicals, and this can lead to depression.

Seeking Treatment

Seeking comorbidity treatment in Florida is an important first step in your recovery process. You need to ensure that the rehab facility you connect with is equipped to do dual diagnosis treatment. In addition, a rehab center that focuses on evidence-based techniques is best so that you see results from your efforts. Some of the therapies that are conducive to a comorbidity diagnosis are:

Find Your Path at Beaches

At Beaches Recovery, we bring the path of hope and peace to people struggling with mental health illness and substance addiction. Our comorbidity program allows you to delve into the causes of your mental health and addiction problems, so you get to the root cause. With the assistance of certified therapists, you are sure to be successful in your quest for a better life.

At our rehab center, you will find several treatment options to complement your guided journey including:

Don’t wait to seek help. Take control of your addiction by reaching out today. You can overcome your substance abuse problem by participating in comorbidity treatment programs. Contact us at 866.605.0532, and we’ll get you on the journey to healing.