Far too often, rehab centers restrict the number of treatment options offered during traditional addiction treatment, either inpatient or outpatient. What this fails to do is address the needs of the patient as an individual. A far better option for those dealing with an addiction is to chose a drug and alcohol treatment center that focuses on individualized care. By doing so, patients afford themselves the chance to get treatment that stands to offer the best chance for recovery.

What is Individualized Care?

Beaches clinician giving female patient individualized care.Individualized care is a more comprehensive treatment option compared to most traditional treatment methods. It requires the treatment facility to gain a full understanding of the patient’s issues before deciding on a treatment program. As is the case at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, this is usually done through an intensive interview process prior to admission.

This interview process plays an integral part in helping counselors decide on the best course of treatment for each patient. It helps these hardworking staff members identify the depth and duration of the patient’s addiction. This, in turn, dictates what treatment options figure to be most successful.

Let’s assume a patient reports their addiction has had a rather profound effect on family relationships. In this case, a counselor might recommend some type of family treatment. That’s the essence of individualized care, identifying specific personal issues and then developing a treatment program that addresses each of those issues.

The Benefits of Individualized Care

As one can imagine, any kind of treatment that addresses unique situations comes with benefits. First, counselors providing the proper level of consideration and concern tends to make patients feel more comfortable. Very few people enjoy a cookie-cutter “factory” environment. When patients feel comfortable, they are usually more willing to open up about their problems.

Individualized care tends to be more thorough. In order to get the best results, counselors need as much information from the patient as possible. Counselors and clinicians use the gathering of this information to identify a patient’s personal problems and personality issues regarding their addiction. Equipped with an array of this personal information, rehab professionals get the opportunity to provide a broad scope of help that covers all aspects of the patient’s addiction.

When counselors address all issues in treatment, they give patients a better opportunity to acquire all the tools they’ll need to avoid relapse. The biggest criticism leveled at traditional treatment methods is its failure to deal with all aspects of the person’s addiction. If professionals miss any aspect of the client’s addiction, the likelihood of relapse increases exponentially.

The Individualized Care Offered at Beaches Recovery

The top inpatient rehab in Florida, Beaches Recovery, offers a customized brand of treatment. After an intensive interview process, our counselors are better able to determine what each patient needs. With a complete menu of treatment options at their disposal, our counselors get great results.

When indicated, our clinicians will prescribe detox in order to better prepare our patients for the rigors of treatment. By removing the effects of residual substances from their system, each patient should be ready and better able to focus on therapy.

When it comes to selecting a custom treatment plan, our counselors use one or several of the following modalities:

If you are suffering from an addiction and want help, you’ll want to focus on a treatment facility that sees you as an individual. At Beaches Recovery, we customize treatment programs for all of our patients. If you want the best care possible, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at 866.605.0532. At the end of the day, we will do whatever it takes to put you firmly on the road to recovery.