If you receive a dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder and addiction early in your rehab treatment, you are not alone. Mental health disorders often pair with substance abuse. In this typical scenario, many abuse alcohol or drugs to even out the mood shifts of a bipolar disorder. Others do not see their growing mental illness because they mask it with substance abuse.

Both bipolar disorder and addiction bring high risk to your health and well-being. You suffer many symptoms of your conditions, including relationship, financial and possibly legal problems. Your moods shift unpredictably, making it difficult for you to maintain work or enjoy a stable personal life. Of course, addiction only adds fuel to the fire of your mental condition and chaos.

Realities of Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Smiling woman facing counselor happy to be dealing with her bipolar disorder and addictionAddiction affects more than half of people with bipolar disorder. Substance abuse is so common among those with bipolar disorder because the ever-changing moods make everyday life so challenging. You crave stability yet fall victim to drugs or alcohol in a futile effort to achieve this balance. Having both of these conditions of bipolar disorder and addiction means you need dual diagnosis treatment in rehab, for lasting recovery to take hold.

A dual diagnosis program treats co-occurring conditions of addiction. These conditions include bipolar disorder as well as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia and a wide range of personality disorders. They also include eating disorders and other types of behavioral problems.

But through a quality dual diagnosis program, you end your addiction. At the same time, you learn how to cope with your mental illness and maintain your best mental and physical health.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida provides accredited dual diagnosis treatment programs. These programs include:

Beaches Recovery also provides you with a full continuum of care, meeting your needs in detox, through rehab and into aftercare in the local community. This means you do not rebuild your life alone. Instead, you receive all of the support and guidance you need for a truly better life.

Therapies You Need for Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

For your bipolar disorder and addiction treatment, you need a wide range of therapies. These take place in a dual diagnosis program at Beaches Recovery. Important therapies include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Addiction education and relapse prevention
  • Group and family therapy
  • Holistic approaches, such as art, music, equine and fitness
  • Experiential therapies, including bowling, hiking, and ropes course
  • Behavioral therapies, including CBT, DBT, and EMDR

Your bipolar disorder possibly triggered your addiction. Or maybe you did not realize you had this mental illness until addiction created chaos in your life. Regardless of when you learned about your dual diagnosis, the right addiction and mental health treatment takes you back to good health of your mind, body, and spirit.

Of course, you must maintain your sobriety and take good care of your mental and physical health in recovery. Otherwise, you could relapse. Through your rehab therapies, you learn coping skills and life skills training that keep you safe from relapse, as long as you use what you learn.

The Right Dual Diagnosis Help at the Right Time

As said before, you need dual diagnosis treatment to recover from your mental condition and addiction at the same time. If you do not treat both of these conditions, one drives the other into relapse. In a dual diagnosis program, you receive the guidance, support, treatment and education you need for a real chance of lasting, rewarding recovery.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida helps you learn about your past, present, and future using methods for your best chance of lasting addiction recovery. This includes treatment for your bipolar disorder and addiction at the same time as you engage in your recovery. Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 to get started.