Group therapy is a staple of dual diagnosis treatment centers.For decades, people with both an addiction and mental health problems suffered a quandary. They could visit a mental health clinic for their mental health problems, or enter rehab to address their addiction. This process is problematic because the two co-occurring conditions tend to exacerbate each other. In recent years, some quality addiction treatment centers have developed programs to deal simultaneously with both conditions. Experts refer to these as dual diagnosis treatment centers.

How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Function

It’s not easy for clinicians to diagnosis multiple illnesses. In many cases, one affliction is more prominent than the other. There are two different ways experts can identify and diagnose co-occurring conditions. Good dual diagnosis treatment centers will have a methodology for these processes.

The first way is “straight from the horse’s mouth” so to speak. This method refers to the patient supplying all the relevant information. As an example, patient A may enter rehab under the pretext of getting help with their drug/alcohol addiction. During the entrance evaluation, they may share that they have already had a physician or psychologist diagnosis them with a mood disorder. This should immediately send up a red flag to the clinician, who will determine the relevance. If they feel the patient’s co-occurring disorders could interfere with treatment, they will prescribe dual diagnosis treatment.

The other way a clinician will discover co-occurring conditions is through the drug rehab treatment process. Dual diagnosis treatment centers have to stay aware of a possible mental disorder during a patient’s substance abuse therapy sessions. If the patient begins to show signs of a mental health disorder, the clinician might want to shift gears. Instead of a standard addiction treatment program, they may choose to move on to a dual diagnosis treatment platform.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Many addiction treatment centers will lay claim to having a viable dual diagnosis treatment program. Unfortunately, many of them fail to integrate the treatment of both conditions properly. True dual diagnosis treatment centers, like Beaches Recovery, recognize the importance of this situation and treat it appropriately.

There are two conflicts. First, either the mental health condition is causing the addiction or the addiction is creating mental health issues. A good clinician will hone in on the specific circumstances and develop the proper treatment program. The other conflict is a bit more complicated.

If mental health conditions co-exist with an addiction, failure to properly treat the mental health issues could cause a relapse. Unfortunately, the cycle usually continues until the patient gets proper treatment for both disorders.

A standard dual diagnosis treatment program will include standard treatment options like group therapy. However, counselors and clinicians will put much more emphasis on individual treatment. The sessions will be intense, requiring much focus and work.

Beaches Recovery and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Beaches Recovery is a premier drug and alcohol treatment center. Our facility sits in Jacksonville, Florida. We have earned our reputation by providing quality services that include everything from detox to dual diagnosis treatment. What makes us unique is our process. We recognize that each patient is an individual. With this in mind, we go to great lengths to customize each patient’s treatment plan. If we feel dual diagnosis treatment is necessary, that becomes a part of the patient’s treatment.

Our end goal is to put each of our patients firmly on the road to recovery. For success, we use a wide range of treatment options that include:

If you suspect you are suffering from co-occurring conditions, with signs of addiction, you need to address all issues at the same time. The best way for you to achieve this goal is through a rehab facility with a legitimate dual diagnosis treatment program. That’s where Beaches Recovery treatment center will serve you well. For an immediate start towards the road to recovery, call us at 866.605.0532. Against significant odds, you have every reason to believe you can live the rest of your life without using drugs.