Man on couch talking to a therapist during rehab counseling.Any attempts to recover from an addiction require hard work and dedication. By comparison, you might have to work twice as hard to establish a lasting recovery as you did falling victim to such an insidious disease. You must first be able to admit you are helpless over your addiction and want/need help. If you can clear that hurdle, next, you will search for a reputable rehab facility like Beaches Recovery. Part of your quest will be finding the best rehab counseling available.

The Format of Rehab Counseling

At Beaches Recovery, there’s a great deal of emphasis on individual rehab counseling. In that regard, we assess our patients as unique individuals with unique circumstances. The reason is to better determine which mode of rehab counseling will be most effective for each respective patient.

For some patients, addiction rehab counseling is best served as part of a residential drug rehab. We hope that a 30-day plan will suffice, but our counselors will recommend an extended residential treatment plan when necessary. Also, if the patient needs to maintain contact with work, school or family, we can always be flexible enough to offer an outpatient or partial hospitalization program treatment option.

Through our baseline rehab counseling, our counselors sometimes encounter patients who are suffering from psychological issues or mental health disorders that cause or complicate their addiction. In this case, we offer dual diagnosis treatment. Within every treatment method we use, our staff members put great emphasis on counseling and therapy.

The Real Benefits of Rehab Counseling

For the most part, people rarely understand how they fell victim to their addiction. For those unfortunate people who have fallen too deep, they rarely have any idea of how to stop using or how to maintain recovery. Drug rehab counselors have to deal with perplexed addicts on a daily basis. Through the use of evidence-based addiction counseling methods, most counselors are successful through two objectives.

The first objective is education. There’s a great need for patients to understand the underlying causes of their addiction. It’s through this understanding that they can identify their weaknesses and take direct aim at trying to overcome those weaknesses. It takes hard work and determination for a counselor and patient to drill down into the patient’s issues. For better or for worse, getting at the root of these issues is paramount for recovery.

With the patient’s issues exposed, the counselor can now go to work on their second objective, teaching the patient coping skills. On the outside without a counselor to hold their hand, a patient will encounter temptations, whether in the form of people, places or things. With the proper coping techniques in their arsenal, the individual stands a much better chance at staying clean. When relapse occurs, it’s usually because the proper coping techniques never took hold.

More About Beaches Recovery

From our well-established facility in Jacksonville, Florida, Beaches Recovery offers a variety of treatment options. Along with aforementioned counseling methods, we also offer:

  • Detox services that help with withdrawal symptoms
  • Treatment for addictions to alcohol, THC, meth, cocaine, heroin and other opiates
  • Health insurance coverage options with major providers like Aetna, BCBS, Humana, Magellan, VA CCN, United
  • A 30-bed facility that is Joint Commission accredited
  • Aftercare programs that include additional counseling

You do not have to live your life caught in the cycle of addiction. When you are ready to get help, Beaches Recovery is ready to extend a helping hand. Through your hard work with our counselors and clinicians, experience tells us you have an excellent chance at recovery and living a better life without the need for harmful substances. It all starts with that all important phone call to Beaches Recovery, at 866.605.0532.