There is nothing gender specific about prescription drug addiction. It’s an equal opportunity illness that can strike anyone at any time. As a responsible addiction treatment center, Beaches Recovery recognizes the need for specific treatment programs dedicated to men or women. For men, in particular, the admission of personal weakness is a difficult endeavor. Furthermore, seeking treatment in coed company creates possible issues. In this article, we will be focusing on our mens prescription drug rehab center.

The Benefits of a Mens Prescription Drug Rehab Center

Serious man contemplating a mens prescription drug rehab center for his addictionEntering a treatment facility is bound to create stress. That’s why we feel strongly about offering treatment for men only at our mens prescription drug rehab center. In no way is this to exclude women since we also offer treatment options for them. For this writing, we choose to use mens prescription drug addiction as our target addiction because of the ongoing epidemic. Far too many people are falling victim to the very drugs doctors prescribe to help them.

Our mens prescription drug rehab center creates a relaxed environment where men can be themselves. We feel this is important because of the way prescription drug abuse affects the sexes differently. There are significant benefits everyone can share when a program has a specific focus. Here’s a good example–the ability of one addict to help another goes without parallel. After all, who knows better what a person is experiencing than someone who is going through the same thing? In a mens only facility, it’s a good bet that most of the patients will have a lot of common issues. That could translate into more understanding and a sharing of ideas.

Here’s a list that better explains the benefits of a gender-specific treatment center for men:

  • The patients are more likely to open up about problems and possible shortcomings
  • Lessens the societal pressure men feel in the presence of women
  • Creates an environment where patients are less likely to judge each other
  • Removes the possibility of gender issues interfering with the treatment process
  • The rehab facility can decorate and design the atmosphere specifically for today’s male

The Most Important Benefit

Regardless of the details, our overall mission is to help patients recover from their prescription pill addiction. If a mens prescription drug rehab center does that effectively, we will include it as an option. It creates the optimum atmosphere where men can get custom treatment for their unique problems. With fewer distractions, the men can focus on recovery and perhaps regain a measure of dignity. We want our male patients to feel good about being sober men.

Beaches Recovery – Jacksonville’s Leading Rehab

The above information describes our prescription opioid rehab for men in FL However, the devil is in the details. It’s how we provide the services that make us a premier addiction treatment center. Through our years of experience, we have come to understand that each patient is unique in their addiction illness. As such, we have further determined that a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment is not sufficient. We prefer to offer custom treatment plans for each patient. Not only that, but we also use a modern approach to mens prescription drug rehab center treatment, employing an extensive menu of treatment modalities. Here’s some vital information about our services. We:

No one truly wants to deal with the cycle of addiction. Over time, it extracts a significant toll, even on the strongest of individuals. If you are ready to start fighting for your life, you can begin by asking for help. When people seek help with an addiction, Beaches Recovery is prepared to provide that help. The whole process starts with a single phone call to 866.605.0532. From there, our mens prescription drug rehab center is ready to receive the men who are prepared for recovery.