Alcohol addiction is one of the issues in the United States that often goes unnoticed because it’s a completely legal substance. The fact is that thousands of people each year not only die from alcohol-related accidents but many pass away from health issues as a result of drinking. If you believe you have a problem where you can’t stop drinking, it’s time for you to consider going to rehab for alcohol. Beaches Recovery offers a full-service treatment experience to help you learn how to overcome your dependence on this potentially fatal substance.

Sad young woman on sofa ready for rehab for alcohol issuesDetox at a Rehab for Alcohol

The most dangerous part about having an addiction to alcohol is dealing with alcohol withdrawal symptoms when you get sober. Your body has become dependent on alcohol in your system in excess. This means that when you quit drinking, different neurotransmitters in your brain, as well as some of your organs, go into shock. This causes a wide range of withdrawal symptoms, and some of the symptoms can be fatal.

Some of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Body tremors
  • Aches and pains
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Beaches Recovery offers detox programs at our rehab for alcohol problems to help you be as safe and comfortable as possible while you go through withdrawal. For some, the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol can lead to fatal cardiac problems or seizures. Here at Beaches, you’ll have medical supervision at all times when you go through detox. We’re here to monitor your health and provide you with medications that help to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal.

Specific Programs at Our Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

While addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate, here at Beaches Recovery, we understand that people need individualized treatment. A philosophy started by the 12-step recovery program was that people who have been through similar situations are a great support for one another. This is why Beaches offers gender-specific group programs as well as programs for first responders, executives, and young people. You’ll still go through regular treatment programs as well, but these types of groups can greatly benefit your recovery.

First responders deal with a very specific set of issues that not everyone can relate to, but this program will make you feel comfortable opening up about your experiences. Gender-specific programs are extremely helpful as well because men and women struggle with different types of issues in addiction. Some men have difficulties opening up and getting vulnerable, which is essential when you’re overcoming addiction. Women also deal with separate issues. You’ll be able to find empowerment and support in women-specific program groups.

Multiple Levels of Care at Our Rehab for Alcohol

When you enter rehab for alcohol addiction, know that this is going to be a marathon and not a sprint. Many studies show that when you transition through different levels of care in addiction treatment, you have a much better chance of staying sober.  Our rehab wants to allow you to continue strengthening your recovery so you can succeed after treatment.

Transitioning through the different levels of care allows you to have the time to focus on yourself and your sobriety. As you go from inpatient to outpatient, you begin dealing with life’s issues for the first time, clean and sober. By being in the outpatient program, you’ll still have the support of your peers. You will also have the support of Beaches Recovery to help you navigate through early recovery. We also offer sober living options if your home situation is not safe for your recovery.

Beaches Recovery specializes in helping people regain the hope that they can take back control of their life. We work with a wide range of insurance companies as well. This helps reduce the costs to you when you come to our addiction treatment programs. Insurance companies work with us because we have a variety of evidence-based treatment programs. Some of the insurance companies we work with include Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

If you’re ready to begin on the path towards a better life, call Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532.