Do you binge drink? Why do so many people do this, as if it is a sport? What exactly is the binge drinking definition and how dangerous is it?

What is the Binge Drinking Definition?Binge drinking definition sometimes marked by blacking out, like this guy laying head on table.

The binge drinking definition is clear. It is drinking excess alcohol as part of a dangerous pattern. This causes blood alcohol concentration to soar above the legal limit for driving very quickly. For females, this bingeing means having four or more drinks within two hours. For males, it is having five drinks or more in the same amount of time.

The binge drinking definition applies to many people in the United States, particularly adults over the age of 26. Seventy percent of binge drinking occurs within this age range.

The binge drinking definition is not the same as alcohol addiction or alcohol use disorder. But bingeing still increases your risk of developing an alcohol addiction. This transition from the binge drinking definition to addiction happens quickly, causes major health problems, and leads to life damage.

According to a representative of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 80 percent of binge drinkers do not have an alcohol addiction. But their binge drinking accounts for the majority of alcohol overuse-related deaths.


Why People Binge Drink

Binge drinking is consistently on the rise. Even though people know excessive drinking is dangerous, they still continue bingeing on alcohol. This is risky behavior causing physical, mental and emotional damage.

Do you binge drink? If you do, reasons include:

  • To forget your problems and loosen up
  • For “fun” in social situations
  • To let go of your fears and inhibitions
  • As part of drinking games and to test tolerance around peers
  • For rebellious reasons, to feel like an adult, resist rules and assert independence

Side Effects of Bingeing on Alcohol

Binge drinking leads to many health and behavioral problems. These range from temporary and mild problems to permanent ones. Some of the short-term side effects of bingeing on alcohol include problems with coordination, dehydration, poor decision making, nausea, memory loss, and shakiness.

When you drink too much you endanger your life in other ways, besides physical illness. Bingeing delays your reaction time when driving, leading to drunk driving accidents. It also impairs your judgment. Poor judgment leads to injuries, victimization, violence, sexual assault, and alcohol poisoning.

Even though short-term effects are clear after drinking too much, bingeing frequently leads to other alcoholic problems. Some of the long-term effects of binge drinking include brain damage, liver disease, heart problems, stroke, cancer, and infertility.

How much you drink affects the outcome of that drinking. Side effects also depend on how quickly you drink, your weight, gender, medical history and whether you use other substances while drinking. You are also affected differently than the opposite sex, with women reaching a higher blood alcohol content quicker than men.

Help You Need if You Binge Drink

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