If you have recently struggled with a cocaine relapse, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, relapses can happen rather often with substance abuse and addiction. This doesn’t mean that you need to relapse, but you should know that it’s often simply a part of recovery. Many individuals who have recovered fully from cocaine addiction went through several cocaine relapse issues before they got their recovery to stick.

Below, we discuss cocaine addiction in general and what relapse is. We’ll also talk about how to deal with a cocaine relapse if you are experiencing that right now.

About Cocaine

Cocaine is a serious, illegal drug. The drug was originally used as a painkiller, but it was immediately found to be addictive with severe consequences. It is extracted from coca leaves. Most of the time, when cocaine is abused, it is snorted. This quickly puts it into the bloodstream through the tissues of the nasal passageways. In some situations, cocaine may be rubbed into the gums or actually ingested. Some users may abuse cocaine by injecting it or inhaling it as well.

What Is a Relapse?

A relapse can be defined as going back to a drug that you already got sober from. Relapse can happen with any new habit.

For example, let’s say you wanted to change your morning wake-up routine. Perhaps you started out waking up late every day, so you got yourself into the habit of waking up early. The relapse would occur if you were able to go a few weeks or months waking up early, then went back to waking up late every day.

Dealing With Cocaine Relapse

Young woman out of focus in background, cocaine relapse right in the foreground.Of course, a cocaine relapse is much more severe than going back to waking up late. It can be an extremely difficult struggle with this type of drug relapse. Getting off cocaine or any drug is challenging to begin with.

You have already undergone addiction help for this drug, and you were once successful. But since that time, something changed and you either slowly or all at once went back to cocaine.

What’s important here is that the past is in the past. You need to look forward and not behind you. The relapse has already happened, and you should accept that. Decide what to do now.

You generally have two choices. You can either go on with your cocaine use, knowing that it is harming your body, mind, relationships and family, and life in general. Or you can choose to get help at a professional cocaine rehab center like Beaches Recovery.

Remember that it’s okay to go back to the drawing board sometimes. The best choice in the situation that you find yourself in now is to get professional treatment again.

Finding Help for a Cocaine Relapse

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, can help you with your cocaine relapse. We offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment for all sorts of substances, including cocaine. Often, individuals come to us when they have relapsed after attending another treatment center. We can help you get back on track.

Our treatment programs are catered to the individual. We want you to know that when you walk through our doors, you are important. Your particular needs are essential to the program that we will create for you. We’ll take the relapse into consideration and help you recover for good at our treatment center.

We offer full detox services and treatment for cocaine withdrawal symptoms. We also offer the following therapy programs for cocaine treatment:

We also try to keep our treatment programs full of holistic methods of care. Therefore, we offer other therapies that can treat your mind, body, and soul during cocaine addiction treatment. These therapies include mindfulness training, bowling, music and art therapy, fitness programs, and outdoor hiking therapy.

Speak to An Intake Addiction Specialist

We would love to help you recover from cocaine addiction once and for all. Give Beaches Recovery a call at 866.605.0532 today to speak with an addiction specialist about your treatment options. We look forward to helping you on your road to recovery from cocaine addiction.