Are you caught in the cycle of alcohol dependence? Do you need help from an accredited rehab center? Knowing some alcohol dependence symptoms helps you understand whether you or your loved one have a serious drinking problem. Recognizing the problem means you’re one step closer to solving it.

Alcohol dependence symptoms include:

Dishonesty about Your Drinking

People with a drinking problem often go into denial. They hide alcohol, drink secretly or lie about their alcohol use. Many believe that unnoticed drinking like this means they do not have a problem. Instead, this dishonesty shows a problem does exist.

Drinking for Relaxation or to Relieve Anxiety

Addiction of all kinds usually begins for emotional reasons. Stress, anxiety, depression and other mental issues lead to drinking for relief from these feelings. But the truth is that the relief is short-lived. In the long run, problems like these grow worse as alcohol dependence symptoms set in.

Regular “Blackouts”

Drinking until you suffer memory lapses is also a sign of alcohol dependence. An alcohol blackout only happens from drinking when you drink far too much.

Not Being Able to Control Your Drinking

Drinking without control over how much or when you drink is another one of the alcohol dependence symptoms. This also includes wanting to quit drinking, but not being able to stop on your own.

Risky Drinking

Drinking before driving, starting work or against your doctor’s orders are other alcohol dependence symptoms. Drinking while taking medication also presents a significant risk. Taking risks means that alcohol holds too much importance in your life.

Neglecting Duties

People suffering alcohol dependence take more time for alcohol and less for their responsibilities.

Relationship Problems

The more alcohol you drink, the more your relationships struggle. Alcohol becomes more important to you than the people who love you.

Drinking More at One Time

Alcohol tolerance builds your dependence on alcohol. Tolerance means you drink more at a time than before. It also means you don’t feel alcohol’s effects as quickly as when you first started drinking.

Withdrawal and Alcohol Dependence Symptoms

Man in dark drinking may not realize his alcohol dependence symptoms.One of the most significant symptoms of alcohol dependence is withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms include feeling anxious, irritable, depressed or ill when you don’t drink. You also suffer sleeplessness, lost appetite, and shakiness, along with other symptoms.

When you show alcohol dependence symptoms, you need the help of an accredited detox and rehab treatment program. You can overcome alcohol use disorder with the right support. In fact, you should never try to detox from alcohol alone. Alcohol detox is dangerous, even deadly for many people each year.

The right treatment starts with detox, which includes:

  • Medical care 24/7
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Medications for alcoholism to alleviate your worst symptoms
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Individual, group and family therapies
  • Insurance acceptance
  • Transition to a quality alcohol rehab program

Overcoming alcohol addiction takes work. This work starts in detox, continues through rehab and into recovery. But the work brings rewards of enjoying a sober, healthy life.

Detox and Rehab Change Your Life in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, Florida, your life changes forever when you start alcohol detox and rehab at Beaches Recovery. Beaches Recovery starts your accredited treatment at Tides Edge, then transitions you into rehab at Beaches’ facility. There you gain individualized rehab you need for lasting recovery.

Programs at Beaches Recovery include:

At Beaches Recovery you never feel alone in early sobriety. You attend a wide variety of therapies with your peers. These treatments include art, fitness, music, equine, and bowling therapy. They also include anger management, hiking therapy, rope course therapy and mindfulness-based treatment.

When you want lasting sobriety, you need quality detox and rehab. Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 for a new look at your alcohol dependence symptoms and the beginning of freedom from alcohol.