Alcoholism is a disease that can impact people from all walks of life. Alcoholism in Virginia is especially problematic, with 6.5 percent of Virginia residents struggling with an addiction to alcohol. When residents of Virginia are faced with alcoholism, seeking treatment away from home can often be beneficial.

Out-of-State Rehab is Proven to be More Effective

Woman holding a drink struggling with alcoholism in VirginiaIt is very typical for individuals in need of addiction treatment to look around for the closest options. Change is hard, and adding a new destination to that change can seem even more challenging. Rehab won’t be worth your time unless it is effective. That’s why it is worth noting that leaving Virginia and heading out of state for rehab can be more effective.

The success rates for long-term sobriety increase when clients seek treatment for alcoholism out of state. In most cases, the success rate increases by a staggering 20 percent. Tackling alcoholism in Virginia might be possible, but is it worth the risk of relapse? A much better idea is to choose the route to recovery with the highest chance of success and sobriety for a lifetime.

Create a New Community of Sobriety

Research suggests that the 10 people with which you spend the most time impact you the most. If you surround yourself with people who drink alcohol, then that will eventually affect your decisions. Facing alcoholism in Virginia on your own is not a realistic option, and you can’t just cut out friends and family members in the area. Fortunately, you can seek treatment out of state and create a new community of support in sobriety.

At a rehab center outside of Virginia, the people you spend time with will be working toward their sobriety. You’ll have support from therapists, medical professionals, and counselors. You can participate in group therapy, and you can make friends with those who understand your experiences. It will be much easier to fight alcoholism if you’re in the right environment and surrounded by people who can help.

Treating Alcoholism in Virginia Might Not Allow for Privacy

Alcoholism in Virginia is not new, and it is not something that clients should feel judged for. Nonetheless, many people don’t want to share their health history with friends, neighbors, and colleagues. If you’re getting addiction treatment nearby, however, it is much harder to contain that information.

At a local addiction treatment facility, you might run into someone you know. This could be another client, or it could be a member of the staff. While struggling with addiction is nothing to be ashamed of, clients should still have the right to privacy. If you want to be anonymous while getting alcoholism treatment, leaving the area temporarily can be a smart choice.

Avoid the Distractions of Home

There are a number of obstacles that can stand between you and your recovery from alcohol addiction. One of the best ways to eliminate those distractions is to physically leave them behind. Seeking treatment for alcoholism in Virginia means that your most significant temptations will remain nearby. Heading elsewhere puts you in a new environment free from everyday distractions.

Outside of your familiar environment, you’ll probably find it a lot easier to stay on track toward addiction recovery. The cravings you experience will still exist, but they will be easier to ignore. You’ll also be in an environment that is specifically designed to give you strength and get you ready for a lifetime of sobriety.

Tackling Alcoholism at Beaches Recovery

If you or someone you love struggles with an alcohol use disorder, then treatment is a necessity. Rather than staying in Virginia, escape the environment that led to your addiction in the first place. At Beaches Recovery, clients can expect a fresh start and a new approach to sobriety.

Clients will receive comprehensive care using the following treatments and therapies:

Alcoholism in Virginia isn’t something that you should tackle alone. Fortunately, help is available at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. If you’re ready to take the next step toward a life of health, happiness, and sobriety, call 866.605.0532 and learn more about treatment options.