You’ve likely heard of a “miracle” heroin overdose drug. But what is it, really?

Below, we’ll explain what the heroin overdose drug is and how it works. We’ll also discuss heroin abuse and addiction overall and tell you how to get help when you need it most.

Naloxone–The Heroin Overdose Drug

Two woman, one older and sad, discussing why they need the heroin overdose drug.Heroin overdose symptoms are depression of heart rate and suppression of breathing. Unless medical help arrives quickly, an individual can soon die from a heroin overdose.

Fortunately, there is a drug that can help someone who has overdosed on heroin. It is called Naloxone, and it is hailed as the “heroin overdose drug” by many. Law enforcement officials now frequently carry the heroin overdose drug, and all hospitals and doctors offices have it. Even many high schools keep it in the nurse’s office.

In addition to being used by medical professionals, however, Naloxone drug can also be used by non-professionals to save a life. For this reason, many individuals will carry the heroin overdose drug in their homes. Those who do this usually know that they or their loved one may overdose on heroin.

A Short History of Heroin Addiction in America

One might ask how heroin addiction became such a pervasive problem in the United States. For some, it may be unbelievable that ordinary citizens would be keeping Naloxone in their homes. It’s also quite shocking that law-enforcement personnel would have it with them at all times.

The truth is that heroin addiction in America does not necessarily start directly with heroin. Instead, heroin has become an extension of the opioid crisis in America.

The opioid crisis started in the 1980s and 1990s when medical professionals were urged to improve the way they handled patient pain. To cope with chronic and acute pain, these medical professionals began to prescribe hefty amounts of opioid painkillers. They did this often and for individuals who did not necessarily need these strong opioid analgesics.

In fact, this caused widespread opioid addiction. Opioids are closely related to heroin. They are both forms of opium, an incredibly addictive drug derived from the Asian poppy plant.

How can Detox Help Those Addicted to Painkillers?

Heroin detox is the beginning of treatment for addiction. Those who are addicted to heroin need to eliminate the drug from their bodies. This elimination of toxins happens during detox.

Detox should only happen at a professional treatment center. During detox, individuals will go through withdrawal, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Fortunately, detox professionals will monitor the health, safety, and comfort of the individual. Monitoring and medication will help reduce the potency of withdrawal symptoms.

How a Professional Treatment Center Can Help

Only professional treatment for heroin addiction can help you overcome a heroin abuse problem once and for all.
Beaches Recovery is the premier heroin addiction rehab center in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to providing inpatient and outpatient treatment for heroin addiction, we now offer detox services as well, at Tides Edge.

Getting sober is a trial for anyone who has suffered from heroin addiction for a long time. That’s why we aim to help our clients have fun and learn to enjoy sobriety. We do this by providing the following holistic therapies:

Of course, traditional therapies are part of our program structure as well. We provide family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy. By coupling this with dual diagnosis to check for co-existing disorders, we provide optimal addiction treatment for our clients.

Why Wait? Seek Treatment for Heroin Addiction Today

Treatment for substance abuse and addiction of any kind is a long-term process. With heroin addiction, it’s no different. But the hardest step is just to begin. In fact, this is where many individuals who are struggling with addiction get stuck.

Get the help you need. Start by picking up the phone and dialing 866.605.0532. An expert addiction specialist at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL can answer all of your questions and concerns. We can get you started on an addiction treatment plan for heroin abuse as soon as today. Call now to begin your journey. It’s never too late to start.