If you need your car fixed, you aren’t going to take it to a beautician. If you want a nice juicy steak, you will probably go to a fine dining establishment. In the world of addiction recovery, you might think to see a psychologist or medical doctor. However, it makes far more sense for you to enlist the services of an addiction specialist. You can find the best in the business at one of the nation’s top drug and alcohol treatment centers, perhaps in Florida. After all, Florida is the “drug rehab capital of the world.”

What Makes a Top Addiction Specialist?

An addiction specialist can soften this man's hard stance on getting help.There are two things that go into making a good addiction specialist–education and experience. It’s pretty much the same in any industry. Anything less than that and you might not get the level of treatment and care you deserve.

From an educational standpoint, an addiction specialist trained as a counselor is a good start. If they have any kind of background in psychology or medicine, you can add another plus. Ultimately, you are looking for a counselor or clinician that has been trained to deal with patients who are suffering from an addiction of some kind. With the proper training, they should have some level of insight into the mindset and behavior of the addict. Furthermore, you want them to be educated in regard to the use of modern day addiction treatment modalities.

When it comes to experience, nothing replaces the value of time spent in the trenches. By the time a counselor or clinician has successfully helped hundreds of patients, there’s a reasonable expectation they know what they are doing. Chances are they haven’t seen it all, but there’s a solid chance they have the experience necessary to properly assess and treat each and every patient.

The Benefits of Treatment by an Addiction Specialist

A good, licensed addiction specialist will show you the ropes and guide you through detox and rehab.  It starts with well-trained counselors, who have the ability to understand the experiences of their patients. By being able to quickly identify the root causes of a patient’s addiction, counselors can spend less time with discovery and more time on an actual treatment plan and therapy.

What a patient needs most is understanding and trust. A top-notch addiction counselor is usually able to connect with their patients in quick fashion. With the right resources and treatment options at their disposal, a counselor can do a lot of good work. Their primary goals should revolve around helping patients develop the life skills necessary to avoid relapse. If fact, the ability to put patients on the road to recovery often determines their level of success.

Of course, identifying the right treatment option is optimum in a treatment facility that specializes in individualized care. The deciding factor between failure and success of patients is determining the right treatment option.

A Top Florida-based Rehab Center

Beaches Recovery is a premier drug and alcohol rehab center in the rehab mecca of South Florida. Because of our reputation, we are able to provide our patients access to some of the best addiction specialists in the land. If fact, the entire Beaches Recovery staff scores very high in the industry.

One of our main advantages consists of a comprehensive menu of treatment options for individualized care. Our services include:

Are you tired of battling with your cycle of addiction? When you are ready to admit addiction has you beat and you want help, you can get the best care from the best addiction counselors by calling Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532. Through absolute dedication, our counselors can create custom treatment plans that address the needs of each and every patient. With your hard work and dedication, you can regain the life you are losing to your addiction.