Signs of Heroin Use May Isolate her from FriendsLooking for the signs of heroin use is not always as easy as one may think. Heroin is no longer the type of drug that’s only affecting the lower class in the United States. This potentially fatal drug has crept its way into many suburban areas all around the country. Many fire departments and other first responders are carrying the drug Narcan. Narcan reverses the effects of an opiate overdose. The problem has become that bad in this country. There is hope for those who are struggling with a heroin addiction. Addiction is a progressive disease, so noticing the signs early may save the life of your loved one or even yourself.

How Do People Become Addicted to Heroin

There are a wide range of reasons why people become addicted to heroin, but it’s difficult to understand as an outsider looking in. Most people are taught from a very young age that heroin is one of the most addictive, lethal drugs out there, but people still end up using it. There are those who are genetically predisposed to the disease of addiction and end up finding heroin is their drug of choice. Some people are prone to addiction based on a traumatic childhood or one where they never learned how to manage emotions, so they eventually turn to drugs. Others become addicted to heroin after becoming dependent to some of the following opiate-based pain medications:

Long-term use and sometimes short-term use of these narcotic medications can spark an addiction and eventually the medications are too hard to get. Heroin is a cheaper, stronger alternative to pain medications, and this is how many people transition from medications to heroin. Heroin can be used in many different forms, so it’s important to understand the signs of heroin use.

Looking for the Signs of Heroin Use

One of the common misconceptions is that the signs of heroin use only come in the form of track marks from intravenous use. It’s true that many people who become addicted to heroin shoot the drug directly into the bloodstream for a quicker, stronger effect, but many try to be discreet about their heroin use. Heroin can come in the form of a powder or be broken down into a liquid. There are many people who appear to be living a normal life, but they are snorting or smoking the drug.

The signs of heroin use can begin with a change in the person’s social habits. Those who become addicted to heroin begin to become more withdrawn from the people around them, and they isolate more often than not. Those with a heroin problem can also become very restless and irritable. Their mood swings may be part of symptoms of withdrawal when they’re coming down from the drug and need it in order to feel well. Weight loss is another one of the common signs of heroin use because people who are addicted often lose their appetite or can’t keep their food down.

Getting Help with Signs of Heroin Use

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