In 2014, more than 15 million Americans abused prescription drugs. This number includes people abusing opioids, highly addictive prescription painkillers. To end opioid addiction, your rehab center may create a suboxone treatment plan. Your plan starts in detox and guides you through rehab and into recovery.

Starting Your Suboxone Treatment Plan

suboxone treatment planDrug treatment centers provide your best resource for starting a Suboxone treatment plan. When talking to a rehab like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, be honest about your opioid addiction and other substances you abuse. Be honest about why you started abusing drugs and ask if Suboxone is right for you.

If you start Suboxone therapy, you need a full Suboxone treatment plan. This plan also includes healing, support, and education. It begins in detox, continues through rehab and completes when you achieve lasting recovery.

A Suboxone treatment plan will also schedule how you will take Suboxone to help with weaning yourself off opiates. Schedule, amount and dosage information of your Suboxone detox is directed and monitored by the medical staff.

Detoxing with a Suboxone Treatment Plan

Opioid addiction causes long-term changes in your brain and how it works. It makes these drugs hard to leave behind. Because detox from opiates is also tricky, Suboxone helps. The medication stops cravings and many symptoms of withdrawal.

With Suboxone treatment in detox, you leave opioids behind and focus on healthy recovery. But to start Suboxone, you need first to know how long you will use it. When your brain receptors heal, you taper off the useful opioid agonist. This is the primary reason for a Suboxone treatment plan.

Rehab with a Suboxone Treatment Plan

The second part of your Suboxone treatment is rehab. Rehab begins when detox ends after your body and brain stabilize in early sobriety. In this second phase of treatment, you focus on why you abused drugs in the first place. You get to the root of your addiction and also become educated on relapse prevention.

In this part of your treatment plan, you receive many types of therapy. You need individual, group and family counseling. You also need a holistic approach to encourage balance in your life while enjoying new hobbies and learning more about your addiction.

At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, rehab follows detox at Tides Edge. During Beaches Recovery rehab program you undergo evidence-based treatments like CBT, DBT, EMDR and trauma therapy. You also learn about your substance abuse triggers and how to overcome them. You work through past trauma and start building a better future.

In rehab at Beaches Recovery, you attend peer support groups. You may gain encouragement from a 12-step recovery program, according to your wants and needs. Peer support helps you see you are not alone on this journey. You also learn from your peers about their experiences in recovery and how that can help you.

Suboxone Treatment Planning for After Rehab

After rehab, you still need to focus on your recovery. This means your Suboxone treatment must include post-rehab planning. Post-rehab plans usually include therapy, support groups and other methods of keeping your sobriety strong.

When you enter detox at Tides Edge, you start your Suboxone treatment planning process. This continues through Beaches Recovery treatment for your new life after rehab ends. Your treatment plan provides structure, goals, and expectations. But it also allows flexibility for changes as needed to best suit your recovery journey.

Beaches Recovery and Tides Edge Detox for Your Opioid Addiction Recovery

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville provides the complete continuum of care you need to overcome your opioid addiction. With Beaches, you start this treatment at Tides Edge in detox. Detox at Tides Edge provides:

  • Medical supervision
  • Medically assisted treatment
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Individual, group and holistic therapies
  • Insurance acceptance
  • Privacy and security

After Tides Edge, you enter rehab at Beaches Recovery. This treatment takes place in primary care, extended care, residential/inpatient, intensive outpatient, outpatient or partial hospitalization programs. All of these programs give you the support and therapy you need for lasting recovery from opioid addiction.

If you or someone you love need recovery from opioids and think a suboxone treatment plan may work, call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532. You can have the life you want in sobriety. You just need the right help.