Unto itself, heroin addiction is a “take no prisoners” disease. Very seldom do you find an individual who is using heroin, and who is not buried in a progressive addiction. One of the reasons people are so tentative about ceasing the use of heroin is because of the potential heroin withdrawal symptoms they might encounter. The list and potential severity of some of these symptoms do create fear. However, the only way for an individual to get out of a heroin addiction is to face withdrawal.

About Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Women with hand to face, looking out window from the dark, experiencing heroin withdrawal symptoms.

Before we discuss specific heroin withdrawal symptoms, it’s important to note that a heroin addiction can form in a relatively short period of time. Based on the amount of time you have been using this substance, plus the depth of your use, the onset of heroin withdrawal symptoms can range from a few hours up to a day after the last dose.

By the time you hit day two of abstinence, you will already find yourself facing some of the more bothersome heroin withdrawal symptoms. If you are in the process of trying to stop on your own, you are running significant risks. The most severe withdrawal symptoms, which occur within the first few days, can cause permanent damage to your body. Again, depending on the extent of your addiction, you can expect the withdrawal symptoms to last for days, even weeks in the worst cases. By far, a medically-managed detox is the safest way to manage withdrawal symptoms associated with any substance.

Specific Stages of Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Let’s look at some specific symptoms. In the early stages of withdrawal, you may experience cravings, sweating, stomach cramps, sleepiness and a general change in mood. By the end of the first day, you might experience muscle spasms, issues with your bowels, nausea, and an increase in your heart rate and/or blood pressure.

From here, you enter a critical stage of withdrawal. The latter stage of withdrawal might include anxiety issues, depression, suicidal thoughts, convulsions, and hallucinations. It’s in this stage of withdrawal that you will most want help from a doctor or detox clinician. In the worst cases, they can prescribe medications for you while going through the heroin withdrawal experience. The optimum solution would be for you to seek total treatment from a premier heroin addiction rehab like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida.

Detox and Addiction Treatment at Beaches Recovery

While sitting in the rehab mecca of Florida, our Beaches Recovery facility covers the full spectrum of addiction treatment. With our recently added detox program, we can help you get through withdrawal with a minimum of discomfort. Our clinicians accomplish this by providing a high-level of monitoring. This assures all patients are kept safe and secure until the detox process has been successfully concluded.

After detox, our counselors take over. We see all of our patients as unique individuals. Therefore, we use a variety of treatment options so we can assure that each patient gets individualized care. Whether it be outpatient, inpatient, or partial hospitalization care, our objective is the same; educate our patients about their addiction, and equip them with the coping skills for recovery they will need to avoid relapse. Other details about our program include:

If you find yourself hooked on heroin and want to kick the habit, the addiction recovery process has to start with you. In order to break the cycle of addiction, you will need to squarely face the truth about your addiction. When you do that, our counselors at Beaches Recovery will be ready to give you the treatment you deserve. To start yourself on the road to recovery, we encourage you to pick up the phone and call us at 866.605.0532.