You may have heard of the MDMA drug at nightclubs, bars, concerts, or festivals. This drug is often abused in these settings because it is a hallucinogen. This means that the drug usually causes users to hallucinate or feel an acute sensory awareness.

If you have been abusing this drug, it’s important to know that the drug carries with it many adverse side effects. If you’re worried that you may be forming an addiction to MDMA drug, it’s essential to seek professional help as soon as possible.

What Is the MDMA Drug?

The MDMA drug is just another of the party drugs available to young people.MDMA is another term for the drug ecstasy. Developed by a German pharmaceutical company in 1912, its original purpose was to control bleeding. Contrary to popular belief, MDMA drug was not created to control the appetite.

In the 1970s and 1980s, individuals began abusing the drug — especially at clubs, bars, and concerts. At this point, it became clear that it was dangerous. Therefore, the United States government declared an emergency ban on it because of its high potential for severe abuse and addiction.

Some people say that MDMA drug could be helpful for those individuals who are terminally ill and experiencing extreme pain. Others have said that it may prove useful in conjunction with psychotherapy. However, after numerous studies on the drug, it was found to have no therapeutic effects. In fact, it can actually exacerbate psychiatric conditions in some individuals.

What Are the Effects of Taking MDMA?

After an individual takes this drug, the effects will appear within approximately 45 minutes. The individual will feel an increased sense of extroversion. They may have improved empathy toward other people and more emotional warmth. Individuals taking MDMA show a higher proclivity for discussing memories containing emotional charges.

Individuals also feel and see things more clearly and in an enhanced way as well. This is yet another reason why MDMA is a popular drug in clubs and concerts. In this vein, many individuals who end up taking MDMA will engage in hours of physical activity. For example, they may vigorously dance for several hours during and after taking MDMA.

Prolonged dancing has its negative side effects too. Most notably, dancing usually takes place in warm, close environments. Because of the vigor with which the individuals dance, their body temperatures rise sharply. Those on MDMA will be unaware of this sharp rise in their temperature. As a result, they may overheat.

Similarly, these individuals may not realize other adverse health effects that happen because of the drug. Additional results of using MDMA include the following:

  • Joint and muscle stiffness
  • Increased sweating
  • Hot flashes or chills
  • Lowered inhibitions
  • Involuntary jaw clenching
  • Lack of appetite

How to Get Help for MDMA Abuse

If you are concerned that you are becoming addicted to MDMA drug, professional help can help you. There are several stages of treatment for drug addiction where MDMA is concerned.

First, there is detox. During this time, your body goes through drug withdrawal with medical supervision.
Next, there is treatment and therapy. At Beaches Recovery, we offer numerous forms of therapy to help both you and your family cope with this addiction:

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