As one of the nation’s most notorious narcotics, meth continues to wreak havoc on the lives of people from one end of the country to the other. Given the drug’s basic properties, it’s easy to comprehend why people become addicted to it so quickly and deeply. The end result of an addiction to meth is usually a meth detox followed by addiction treatment at a reputable drug and alcohol rehab center.

Young man on beach dealing with meth detox at Beaches Recovery.Why is a Meth Detox Program Necessary?

Anytime someone decides to stop abusing a particular substance, they face the prospects of going through withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms related to meth can be quite uncomfortable and at times, even life-threatening. A good meth detox will allow the patent to go through those withdrawal symptoms in a safe and secure environment. If a patient needs medication to diminish pain and/or sleeping issues, a staff physician will usually be available to prescribe those.

If it helps to better understand the dangers related to meth withdrawal, here’s what a meth abuser faces when they decide to stop using. At the milder end of the spectrum, they might encounter fatigue, an increased appetite, insomnia, itchy eyes and loss of motivation for normal daily tasks. At the more serious end of the spectrum, they could experience agitation, nervousness, hallucinations, paranoia, loss of motor control functions such as speech and suicidal thoughts.

The nature of one’s withdrawal symptoms is usually affected by such factors as the length of their meth abuse, the amount being used and the individual’s tolerance levels and body metrics. Consider meth withdrawal symptoms to be dangerous.

The Benefits of a Meth Detox

Detox is available to both independent individuals or through a physician as prescribed. In the latter case, the patient has probably been referred by a reputable rehab facility. At a premier rehab center like Beaches Recovery of Jacksonville, Florida, a meth detox program is available through our rehab facility.

The first benefit of a meth detox program is that it allows the patient to safely expel residual harmful substances from their body. This is an important step because it sets the tone for the rest of the recovery process. Failure to get through detox almost assures the individual will start craving their drug of choice. Cravings are the enemy of recovery.

With a successful detox program in the bag, patients are better able to face the rigors of treatment. Treatment demands both focus and honesty. If a patient’s mind and body are still being affected by residual substances, the mind will wander and the body will keep incurring withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This is why people relapse in recovery.

The Services Offered at Beaches Recovery

As part of the renowned Jacksonville treatment community, Beaches Recovery treatment center provides elite addiction treatment services. Our aforementioned detox program is the latest addition to our menu of services. We maintain 30 beds for residential treatment. We have accreditation from the Joint Commission and accept payment from a majority of the top healthcare providers.

Our treatment philosophy emphasizes the importance of offering individualized treatment plans. We find this necessary because each patient comes to us with a unique set of circumstances. Using the following roster of treatment options, our counselors can develop treatment plans that address each patient’s specific needs. Here’s the list:

Before meth claims too much of your life, we, here at Beaches Recovery, want to encourage you to take a serious look at your life. The time has come for you to admit you have an addiction and need help. We will extend that helping hand. You have the opportunity to beat your meth addiction on the way to complete recovery and better way of living. All you have to do is call 866.605.0532,