Therapist and guy discussing detox from methCurrently, we are fighting the war on drugs on two fronts. In recent years, prescription drug abuse has hit epidemic levels. As much concern as we show towards that problem, illegal drugs like crystal meth still weigh heavy on our society. In particular, meth continues to be an albatross around our necks. Meth is a highly addictive, illegal substance that does much harm to the user. Once addiction sets in, the addict has only one way out. That way out is addiction treatment from a licensed rehab facility. That usually includes detox from meth.

More About Meth

It’s surprising to find out meth has been around for decades. We tend to think of it as a modern-day synthetic drug. The drug’s main active ingredient is pseudoephedrine, which drug manufacturers use in cough medicines to relieve congestion. Meth floods the brain with dopamine, which puts the user into euphoria overload.

In the initial stages of meth use, the user usually experiences pleasurable effects. The drug itself in an amphetamine. People use it as an energy booster. People also take the drug to suppress their appetite and combat depression. After repeated use or abuse, the pleasurable effects fade, and the ugly head of meth addiction appears.

The side effects that come from meth abuse include anxiousness, sleep issues, agitation, high blood pressure, and aggression. Of course, these side effects become more prominent and dangerous as the user increases dosage and frequency of use. The most severe side effect is an addiction. Any attempts to stop using this drug will lead to meth withdrawal. To avoid withdrawal, users will want to detox from meth in a licensed detox facility.

The Need to Detox From Meth

Very seldom do we see a meth addict with a mild addiction. Meth users tend to go to the wall, which makes their addiction substantial. Any attempts they make to suddenly stop using the drug usually throws them right into withdrawal. The only way out from their addiction is by getting help from addiction treatment programs.

Before treatment can begin in earnest, most meth addicts need detox from meth. Addiction clinicians will usually prescribe a medically monitored detox from meth. They want to keep a close eye on the patient. If the patient begins to show signs of distress during detox from meth, doctors will usually step in. By prescribing medication for discomfort or sleep issues, they can effectively keep the patient comfortable and safe.

The end goal is to prepare the patient to go through a treatment program. During the treatment process, the patient will learn a lot about their addiction. Once they can identify causation, the task of building coping skills for recovery becomes easier. With the appropriate coping skills, there’s a good chance the patient will be able to avoid relapse.

Beaches Recovery – Jacksonville’s Premier Rehab

Beaches Recovery is proud to be one of Florida’s top rehab centers. For the benefit of our patients, we treat every patient as an individual with unique circumstances. We realize we may only get one chance to help our patients. That’s what drives our professional counselors to work hard developing the right program. Along with detox programs, we treat severe addictions using one of the following treatment options:

You may not believe it, but your life is a precious gift. You don’t have to continue down the path of living as an addict. We ask you to reach inside and summon the power to admit you have an illness. That’s the first step towards recovery.

If you pick up the phone and call Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532, we will be there for you. We will take you through the entire treatment process of detox from meth, all the way to recovery. You can have your life back by saying “no more drugs.”