In the US today, Oxycodone sits at the heart of the prescription medication abuse epidemic. Millions of Americans are using Oxycodone in all its brand names to get high. It’s a shame that drugs can have such significant benefits, yet be so dangerous to the users. Unfortunately, the streets have gotten a hold of these medications. We can start your battle against drug abuse by identifying the Oxycodone addiction symptoms.

About Oxycodone

Clinician talking to young man about Oxycodone addiction symptomsBefore we discuss Oxycodone addiction symptoms, a quick education about this substance seems to be in order. Oxycodone is the generic version of a popular painkiller. Drug manufacturers use this substance in the manufacturing of brand-name drugs like Oxycontin, Percocet, and Percodan. Doctors prescribe these drugs to relieve moderate to severe pain. Users usually ingest these medications in pill form.

As is the case with other potent opioids like heroin, Oxycodone produces a significant high or euphoria when used off-label. If people use it for pain, they get immediate pain relief that lasts for hours. When they use it to get high, they get high. Unfortunately, the drug comes with significant side effects. Patients might experience things like constipation, disorientation, breathing issues and nausea.

The most significant side effect is an addiction. This substance is highly addictive, and it doesn’t take long for addiction to grab hold. Once addiction sets in, it’s difficult for the user to quit. Because of the possibility of severe withdrawal symptoms, users should never try to stop without professional help.

Identifying Oxycodone Addiction Symptoms

We need to be able to recognize Oxycodone addiction symptoms if we are to help ourselves or loved ones. We also need to realize that time is of the essence. The longer it takes for the addict to get help, the more likely they are to experience severe consequences.

Overall, Oxycodone works to suppress many of the user’s body functions. The user risks brain damage if they use this substance over an extended period. Let’s take a look at some Oxycodone addiction symptoms that come from Oxycodone abuse. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Alternating between sleep and consciousness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Lack of interest in their appearance
  • Dry mouth and itchy skin
  • Secretive behavior
  • Financial problems from purchasing the substance

If you or loved one exhibit more than a couple of these Oxycodone addiction symptoms, you have cause for concern. We again have to point out it’s difficult to get past opioid addiction. The user will most definitely need a stint in rehab, plus some time in a detox program.

Treatment Options at Beaches Recovery

As a premier addiction facility in Jacksonville, Florida, we keep an eye on addiction trends throughout the country. Since we offer an extensive menu of treatment options, we can customize treatment programs for all our patients. Our treatment process starts with an detox at Tides Edge. After detox, we offer the following treatment options:

After a successful stint in rehab, we help our patients find the appropriate aftercare programs. Recovery is not a sometimes thing. It’s something the recovering addict has to stay vigilant about the rest of their life.

Don’t stay a victim of your addiction. You have so much more to do in your life, but there are no quick fixes. You have to want recovery and work hard to get it. Beaches Recovery can help you with that process.

Pick up the phone and call us right away at 866.605.0532. There’s no shame in asking for help. By doing so, you can be proud you are finally taking up arms against oxycodone addiction symptoms.