Pain Pill Addiction May Start at the Pharmacy with a legitimate prescription.Pain pill addiction is a topic of national focus today. Whether in the media or through online activity, you will hear repeated mention of the “national epidemic” of painkiller abuse and subsequent transition to heroin use. Unfortunately, this epidemic is something many Americans deal with every day. Sadly, pain pill addiction starts innocently, through a doctor’s legitimate prescription.

How Pain Pill Addiction Begins

For many Americans, pain pill addiction is highly accidental. The family doctor prescribed a painkiller for an ongoing issue like back pain. Or they may have received a prescription to an opioid painkiller for post-surgical use. Others find a family member’s painkillers in the medicine cabinet and start using them for their own pain issues.

The common thread between all of these pathways to addiction is that none of the patients believed they would become addicted. Like many others in America, people fitting into these categories of accidental dependence on painkillers simply wanted a way out of their circumstance of physical discomfort.

Once Pain Pill Addiction Takes Over: How to Know You’re Addicted

If you have been using pain pills, whether prescribed to you or not, you probably realize you may be addicted to your medication. But if you need help determining whether you truly are addicted and should seek treatment, the following seven signs of addiction can reveal your truth:

  • You find yourself thinking of your pain pills often. The thoughts may be about how many pills you have left, when you can take your next dose or other general thoughts centered on your painkillers.
  • You are not taking the pills as prescribed. You may be taking your pain pills more frequently than you should, at greater doses or when you are not in any pain.
  • You are doctor shopping. Doctor shopping is the practice of going to more than one doctor to obtain the prescriptions you need for pain pills to keep your addiction “satisfied.”
  • You get pain pills from other sources, not just your own doctor. You may buy your pills online, from a street dealer, from friends or through deceptive means.
  • You’ve been using painkillers for longer than originally expected. Painkillers are not meant to be used for extended periods or to manage chronic pain.
  • You get angry if anyone tries to talk to you about your pain pill use.
  • You are just not yourself. You may notice personality changes, sleep changes or other alterations from your typical behaviors and lifestyle.

If you notice any of these changes in yourself or the statements above are accurate descriptions of your present situation, you likely have a pain pill addiction. The key to overcoming that addiction lies in getting the treatment you need. If you do need help, you are not alone. In fact, 21.7 million people aged 12 or older needed substance use treatment in the past year, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

Beaches Recovery Provides Hope and Help for People Stuck in Pain Pill Addiction

If you realize you are addicted to pain pills, there is help and hope through addiction treatment. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville FL provides Joint Commission-accredited treatment for people just like you. At Beaches Recovery, your individualized treatment plan will be developed according to your personal needs. A variety of therapies will help you engage in treatment. Through these methods, you will regain hope for a brighter future with freedom from addiction.

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