If you ask most people suffering from addiction, they will tell you they have one particular substance they prefer. It’s the substance they crave when they want to escape. Interestingly, there’s a group of addicts who suffer from an addiction to multiple substances simultaneously. Experts refer to this type of substance abuse as “polysubstance abuse.”

About Polysubstance Addiction

Dark picture of man involved in polysubstance abuse.Based on information provided by Wikipedia, experts define polysubstance abuse as: “A person with polysubstance dependence is psychologically addicted to being in an intoxicated state without preference for one particular substance.” The definition goes on to explain that the individual will be using at least three different substances. It also explains that most of the time, alcohol is part of the mix.

Beyond this quasi-textbook definition, someone involved with polysubstance abuse is very much like any other addict. They usually suffer from the same kind of personal problems and exhibit the same types of addictive behaviors. They have a high tolerance for their substances of choice, they can’t stop using, and they spend an inordinate amount of time locked in the cycle of addiction.

Left untreated, the addict’s fate is in the hands of the substances they are abusing. One can only imagine the horror of being addicted to alcohol, cocaine, and painkillers at the same time. The combination of those three substances could very likely cause permanent damage, if not death. Any attempts to stop using all substances at the same time exposes the user to severe withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, the solution to polysubstance abuse is rehabilitation treatment from a reputable rehab center.

Treating Polysubstance Addiction

A person with an addiction to multiple substances demands particular attention in rehab. The clinicians at a reputable rehab center like Beaches Recovery should be aware of all aspects of the addiction. Upon entering rehab, the patient will most likely require time in a medically-monitored detox program. The medical staff will want to closely monitor the patient to make sure everything goes smoothly. It wouldn’t be surprising if a polysubstance patient requires a little more time to get through the detox process.

When the body and mind are ready, treatment can begin with intense psychotherapy. It’s significant that any patient would go to such lengths to escape reality. Treatment could become very complicated if there are substantial psychological issues intermingled with the addiction. The counselor’s primary task would be to find out what’s driving the patient’s addiction. Without clarity in this area, it could be difficult for the patient to progress in treatment.

Once the counselor has identified the root-causes of the addiction, they can begin working with the patient on behavior modification and coping skills. These are the skills the patient will need to get past temptation and their triggers to stay clean. Without the proper coping skills, there’s a high likelihood the patient will suffer relapses.

Substance Abuse Treatment at Beaches Recovery

From our treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida, Beaches Recovery employs professional counselors and clinicians with years of experience. This experience comes in handy when treating patients will special circumstances. In fact, we treat all of our patients as unique individuals with unique conditions. Along with detox and aftercare programs, we offer the following substance abuse treatment methods:

If you are suffering from an addiction to one or more substances – polysubstance abuse – your life could be out of control. To regain control, you need to reach out for addiction help. You cannot do it alone. We would like to encourage you to speak with one of our professional staff here at Beaches Recovery. You can contact us at 866.605.0532. The first phone call you make will be your first step towards the road to recovery. Lasting recovery is the key to you living a normal life.