When searching for the right end to your opioid addiction, did you start methadone treatment? After that treatment began, did you find yourself unable to stop using this highly addictive substance? You do not stand alone, as many Americans also share your addiction and need a methadone treatment program.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or liquid to end addiction. You need the right treatment to say goodbye to this vicious cycle in your life. With this help, you improve your life, start reaching goals and look forward to many better years ahead.

What is Methadone?

Group supporting a new man in a methadone treatment programLeaving your heroin or other opiates behind sounded so easy when you first entered methadone treatment. After all, doctors prescribe methadone to help people stop abusing opioids. But this medication is also an opioid, one used for pain relief but not providing a euphoric high. Unfortunately, methadone traps people in addiction as easily as other members of the opioid drug category.

Methadone abuse starts with taking more than prescribed. Or you started using the drug more frequently than you should. How that dependency started no longer matters. All that matters is getting the methadone treatment you need to leave drugs and alcohol behind for good.

Methadone Dependence Side Effects

Suffering dependence on methadone causes many side effects. These include slowed breathing, heart rhythm changes, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, weakness, drowsiness and dry mouth. Results of dependence also include nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea and lost appetite. Methadone poses a significant risk for people with asthma or bowel obstruction problems.

If you suffer the effects of methadone addiction, you need accredited methadone treatment. Without the right help, your life only continues spiraling out of control. But at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, you gain the right level of care for your very individual needs. This treatment includes a full range of therapies, support, and approaches proven to help people end their deadly addictions.

Many people suffer the effects of methadone addiction along with co-occurring conditions of mental illness. Sometimes knowing a mental illness exists alongside dependence proves difficult, even for doctors. But once you start detox, your body cleanses itself of the chemicals you had put into it for a long time. This helps qualified professionals recognize whether you also suffer depression, anxiety, PTSD or personality disorders with your addiction.

Although the last thing you want is more problems to treat, a dual diagnosis still provides hope for better living. Knowing you suffer a mental illness answers many questions you had for a long time, both before and during your addiction. Maybe you used methadone and other drugs to feel more “normal.” This self-medication often happens in people struggling to deal with common mental illnesses and their effects.

Through a dual diagnosis methadone treatment program, such as at Beaches Recovery, you can start fresh. You put the awful effects of methadone and your co-occurring mental illness behind you. You also gain the knowledge, insights, and awareness of your conditions for a brighter future without drugs or alcohol.

Evidence-Based, Holistic and Experiential Therapies in Methadone Treatment

At Beaches Recovery you relearn how to live your life in methadone treatment. You throw away problem behaviors and thought patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. You also gain life skills designed for more productive daily living. Coping skills for recovery proven to prevent relapse become second nature to you during treatment.

Beaches Recovery’s methadone treatment program helps you break free of the awful side effects you suffer today. This treatment includes:

Through the right individual, group and family counseling approaches in a methadone treatment program, you gain the healing you need to leave your past behind. You can live a better life in the future. You just need the highest quality of help offered by Beaches Recovery, an accredited drug and alcohol rehab program.

Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 for more information about methadone treatment program options. Don’t put this call off, as it provides your path to the life you want. By calling Beaches Recovery, you also gain the support you need right now. So pick up the phone and leave methadone behind you.