Americans are in the middle of a love affair with prescription medications. To say that there’s an abuse epidemic would probably be an understatement. It’s worth noting that Vicodin ranks high on the list of favorite painkillers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that experts see signs of Vicodin addiction behavior from thousands of Americans of all ages. Name recognition, easy access, and affordability are the main things that seem to be driving this ever-growing problem.

The Vicodin Addiction Behavior Signs

Counselor talking to woman exhibiting vicodin addiction behavior needing rehab“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That may be true, but prevention is tied to recognizing the most common Vicodin addiction behavior signs. If we as a nation want to combat prescription medication abuse, we need better education about addiction.

Doctors prescribe Vicodin to control moderate to severe pain issues. People can illegally purchase it on the street. While people seem to be targeting the peaceful euphoria the drug creates, addiction arrives quickly. As is the case with other opioids, the Vicodin addiction behavior signs can be troubling. They include:

  • A propensity for nodding off
  • Obsession with procuring the drug
  • Issues with nausea and vomiting
  • Experiencing trouble in everyday life
  • Displaying difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks

Vicodin addiction warrants deep concern.

What to Do About Vicodin Addiction Behavior

If Vicodin abuse is apparent, it’s critical for the user to get help. The longer they suffer from addiction, the more prominent the physical and emotional issues become. Without a doubt, the only viable way to combat Vicodin addiction is with help from a reputable addiction treatment center like Beaches Recovery. Other advertised solutions just aren’t as reliable.

Opioid addiction creates some significant withdrawal symptoms. The best option a patient has for staying safe throughout the withdrawal process is to seek help from a detox center. Under the watchful eye of medical professionals, the patient gets a chance to clear withdrawal with minimal distress. They also get the opportunity to remove the residual toxins from their body. A clear mind and body enhance the patient’s ability to focus on therapy.

Addiction therapy is where the real work begins. The goal is clear. The patient and their counselors work towards finding the causes of the patient’s addiction. Why is this so important? People abuse drugs and alcohol for a reason. They are usually trying to anesthetize themselves from some aspect of their life. By getting at the causes of addiction, the patient can develop the proper coping skills. Coping skills are a terrific replacement for drugs and alcohol and they help prevent relapse.

Where to Get Help

Experts have long considered Beaches Recovery to be a top addiction treatment center. With our facility sitting in Jacksonville, Florida, we are part of a community of great recovery. We owe much of our success to our approach. Our counselors have access to an extensive menu of treatment modalities they can easily customize for their patients. After attending detox at Tides Edge detox center, we place our patients in one of the following treatment programs:

When the Vicodin addiction behavior signs first appear, getting help becomes a priority. You always have the choice to not live your life as a slave to prescription medications. The hope is you will seek help before you reach rock bottom. When you are ready to reach out, Beaches Recovery will be there to help you. You have to pick up the phone and call us at 866.605.0532. Once you call, we can immediately guide you toward the road to a lasting recovery.