Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that both children and adults can have. One of the medications that doctors prescribe for ADHD is Ritalin. However, people may abuse the drug even if they don’t have ADHD. With continued misuse, they increase their need for a Ritalin addiction treatment program.

Ritalin and Drug Abuse

Young man looking for a ritalin addiction treatment programAs a Schedule II drug, Ritalin or methylphenidate is a stimulant with a high potential for abuse. It mainly works by increasing the production of dopamine in the brain. It’s very similar to how cocaine works as they are both stimulants. The medication has some side effects too, including headaches and insomnia.

Some people, however, suffer serious consequences when they misuse Ritalin. They could have a legitimate prescription or obtain the drug through different means. Abuse includes using a high dose and taking it without a prescription or in unintended ways. It can lead to addiction over time and the need for Ritalin addiction treatment.

Those who abuse the drug the most are high school and college students. Some of them trick doctors into believing that they need ADHD treatment so that they can sell Ritalin to peers. They most often misuse it and other prescription stimulants toward the end of a school semester. They may be candidates for student addiction treatment at Beaches.

Ritalin helps them stay awake and focus on studying, and it can improve athletic performance. Some people use the drug to relieve academic, financial and social stress. In large doses, however, the drug causes euphoria and increases the risk for addiction. At that point, they must enter a Ritalin addiction treatment program to stop using safely and to stay clean.

Ritalin Addiction Treatment Program

A treatment plan for Ritalin addiction will differ depending on the person. The detox and rehab center team members conduct a full assessment to determine the proper level of care. They base these decisions on when people started using and how much and how frequently they use. They also take people’s health into consideration.


During the detox phase of Ritalin addiction treatment, the doctors and nurses treat withdrawal symptoms. For instance, they could administer medications to treat symptoms such as fatigue and depression. However, there are no FDA-approved medications that specifically treat Ritalin addiction.


A customized Ritalin addiction treatment program will include a range of talk and alternative therapies. The overall goal is to help people learn how to deal with cravings and avoid triggers.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most popular evidence-based methods because it’s so effective. It helps people identify the inaccurate thoughts that lead to negative behaviors such as drug abuse. With improved thought patterns, they avoid the same feelings that make them want to use. CBT also helps people manage cravings and recognize high-risk situations to prevent relapse.

Dialectical behavior therapy, family counseling, and trauma therapy are also useful Ritalin addiction treatment methods. Alternative therapies, however, take a different approach.

Some people have a hard time talking about their feelings during a Ritalin addiction treatment program. They might not feel comfortable speaking to a therapist at first. Maybe they don’t know how to voice their problems. In any case, alternative therapies such as art and music can encourage them or give therapists insight into their struggles.

Other holistic Ritalin addiction treatment methods include fitness, hiking, and bowling. These activities allow people to build strength and social skills. They can also learn how to relax and maintain balance within themselves through mindfulness.

Stimulant Abuse Treatment at Beaches Recovery

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