A lot of people develop a stimulant addiction because they don’t realize that the drugs are dangerous. If they do recognize they have an addiction, it might be hard for them to ask for help. However, it might surprise you to discover that many resources are available. You may also feel empowered if you learn more about stimulants and how a stimulant addiction treatment program works.

About Stimulants and Addiction

Depressed woman needs a stimulant addiction treatment program in FLPrescription stimulants are medicines that doctors often use to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, they also help with asthma, obesity, sleep disorders and other issues that affect the central nervous system.

Some people abuse stimulants for the high it provides when used off-label. They might crush the pills and inject or snort the powder. These methods increase the risk of developing a substance abuse disorder including addiction.

The reason is that the drugs act on the central nervous system to increase cognitive function and alertness. These effects can last for several hours, but the body’s reaction to the drugs is addictive. A stimulant addiction treatment program becomes a necessity for people to learn how to manage the disease. Because of that, it’s important to recognize which drugs are stimulants.

Adderall and Dexedrine are two brands of prescription amphetamines. Ritalin and Concerta are two brands of prescription methylphenidates. All of these are popular treatments for ADHD, but their method of release and potency differ.

Many worry about the dangers of taking prescription stimulants. However, over-the-counter uppers such as diet pills are just as hazardous. One reason why these drugs don’t require a prescription is that they’re less addictive biologically. It’s a different story, though, when people abuse them, which could result in the need for a stimulant addiction treatment program.

Finally, illegal stimulants include cocaine and meth in all of their forms. They produce the same effects as the above prescriptions. Instead of releasing the chemicals over time, cocaine and meth release immediately. They create a stronger but shorter high and are more addictive.

Stimulant Addiction Treatment Program Overview

Those who are ready to seek help will find an excellent stimulant addiction treatment program in FL. It offers the tools they need to overcome the addiction, starting with detox.

A stimulant detox program in FL provides medical monitoring and assistance during the withdrawal process. A team of doctors and nurses can prescribe medicines and plan holistic activities that reduce the symptoms. Some examples of the withdrawal symptoms include depression, headaches, intense cravings and mood swings. This part of the process usually lasts just one week, but it can last longer for those with severe addictions or mental disorders.

The next step in a stimulant addiction treatment program in FL is rehab with therapy. It begins after detox, as soon as people are stable enough to participate. Although experts recommend inpatient rehab for the best results, outpatient care is an option as well.

The most significant difference is that inpatient rehab requires people to live in a facility, but outpatient rehab doesn’t. In either case, people receive the same treatment and customized care in a stimulant addiction treatment program in FL.

One of the most popular treatments is cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps people identify and change negative thoughts and emotions that trigger bad behavior such as substance abuse. Family therapy is essential in rehab because it educates family members. Also, involving them in treatment creates a network of support at home.

A stimulant addiction treatment program isn’t complete without ongoing care. Even after detox and rehab, cravings come and go, and other triggers could arise. Without further support, people are more vulnerable to relapse. Some examples of ongoing care include sober living homes, support groups, and private therapy.

Extensive Treatment at Beaches Recovery

Are you ready for stimulant addiction treatment? Beaches Recovery offers a full spectrum of care. We can set up detox for you at Tides Edge so that you can continue into rehab afterward. In addition to stimulants, we treat addictions to other drugs through programs such as:

At Beaches Recovery, we can help you decide whether inpatient or outpatient rehab is right for your needs. We even provide intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs. Our team will also customize your treatment plan to include evidence-based therapy methods. Some examples include family therapy, equine therapy, hiking therapy and rational emotive behavior therapy.

Don’t let a stimulant use disorder ruin your future. Enroll in our stimulant addiction treatment program. Call Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532 to learn how to live drug-free.