People abuse a lot of different substances. Although salvia has been around for centuries, it’s getting more attention since 2010. Learning more about the drug can help you see why there may be a need for a salvia addiction rehab program in FL.

About the Salvia Herb

Woman looking to the sky at salvia addiction rehab program in FLSalvia divinorum is a hallucinogenic herb with a high potential for abuse. It’s not a regulated drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act, but it’s illegal in at least 29 states. Some people may know the drug by its other names, which include diviner’s sage, magic mint, and Sally-D.

Although salvia comes from a plant, its effects are dangerous. When people abuse it, they chew or swallow fresh leaves, smoke the dried leaves, or vaporize and inhale the extract. The results include anxiety, feelings of detachment, hallucinations, slurred speech and uncontrolled laughter.

How long these effects last varies depending on how people use the drug. For instance, the effects of chewing it can last for up to two hours. However, the effects of smoking it only continue for about 15 minutes.

Salvia can also cause chills, dizziness, nausea and slowed heart rate. Abusing it can lead to accidental injuries as well. After prolonged use, some people might need a salvia addiction rehab program.

The reason is because of how salvia affects the brain. Its main ingredient, salvinorin A, attaches to kappa opioid receptors. However, these receptors are different from those connected with opioid drugs. Despite that, these receptors still regulate consciousness, mood, and motor control.

Salvia Addiction Rehab Program Options

Scientists have performed limited research on the addictive nature of salvia. Since it changes the chemical balance in the brain, repeated use can become a problem. Some people may be unable to stop using the drug without help. For this reason, they might need a salvia addiction rehab program in FL.

Various levels of care are available at a rehab center. The first step, though, is detox. This step is especially crucial for those who have hallucinations for more than a few hours. The medical assistance that a detox program provides can relieve rare withdrawal symptoms.

When people are stable after detox, they must continue their treatment with rehab. They could choose an inpatient or outpatient salvia addiction rehab program in FL. The significant difference is that they live at the rehab center for the duration of inpatient care. During outpatient treatment, they visit the facility for therapy but continue to live at home.

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) and partial hospitalization program (PHP) are in-between options. An IOP requires more therapy time than standard outpatient treatment. A PHP requires even more therapy time, but people still live at home. The level of care that people need depends on several factors, including their age and the severity of their problem.

Customized Therapy

Like the level of care that people need, not everyone responds to the same types of therapy. Because of that and the effects of drugs on the body, a salvia addiction rehab program in FL must customize the counseling services.

Individual and group therapies are beneficial in salvia treatment because therapists can use several strategies. One of the most popular techniques is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It helps people transform negative behaviors and thoughts into desirable behaviors and thoughts. It also teaches them how to avoid relapse.

Education is essential during a salvia addiction rehab program too. The best way for people to learn why they shouldn’t use drugs is to teach them. Also, family therapy educates family members so that they can learn how to support their loved ones in recovery.

Get Substance Use Treatment at Beaches Recovery

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All programs at Beaches Recovery include customized treatment plans. We provide traditional and holistic care. Our staff can help you determine which services will best meet your needs. Some examples include family therapy, anger management, CBT, rope course therapy and art therapy.

Don’t let using salvia lead you on the path to a substance abuse disorder. Seek help through a salvia addiction rehab program. Dial 866.605.0532 for more information about the services at Beaches Recovery.