Man holding head is hoping his signs of an alcoholic are not noticeable.Rarely, if ever, does anyone start drinking with the intent of becoming addicted. Still, more people are dependent on alcohol with each passing day. If you are seeing signs of an alcoholic, the key to getting your life back, or helping a friend get his or her life back, it’s time to get help. Detox and rehab can take you from alcohol dependence back to the life you want.

From Alcohol Abuse to Signs of An Alcoholic

Few people really get how easy it is to become dependent on alcohol. The pathway to alcohol dependence simply starts with alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse is simply drinking alcohol in unhealthy ways. These ways may include drinking too much, binge drinking or drinking every day. Obvious signs of an alcoholic that show you are abusing alcohol is the trail of damage left in your wake. This damage may include:

  • Troubled relationships
  • Missed work
  • Legal problems
  • Financial problems
  • Poor health
  • Lost interest in many aspects of your life
  • Lost friends
  • Mental illness like depression or anxiety.

Signs of an alcoholic is one terrible outcome of problem drinking. Alcoholism means you must drink just to manage everyday life. It also means that both your body and mind are addicted to alcohol. When you stop drinking, you suffer strong cravings and feel sick.

Clear signs of dependence on alcohol include:

  • You cannot control or stop your drinking.
  • You drink more to gain the same effects as when you first started drinking.
  • When you stop drinking, you feel sick, shaky and anxious.
  • You miss other activities to drink.
  • You drink even though it hurts other people and causes damage to your body.

If you have realized that you or someone you love are alcohol dependent, you are stuck in the middle of a long-term disease. Like many diseases, alcoholism leads down a predictable path, has clear symptoms and is influenced by your lifestyle and genetics. Not getting help is the wrong decision, as it leads you deeper into the dark tunnel of drinking to get through each day.

From Alcohol Dependence to Alcohol Withdrawal

If you know that you have a dependence on alcohol, you also likely know that it is time to get help. But first you need to go through alcohol detox. Most patients dread detox more than anything. They have heard horror stories and took them to heart, now believing that they “cannot” make it through alcohol withdrawal.

The reality is that anyone can get through alcohol detox with professional help. Although symptoms can be severe for some, these symptoms can be managed through supervised medications, comforts, nutrition, hydration and other support. This support is found in a specialized alcohol detox program.

After Alcohol Detox, Rehab Gets You Into Recovery

When detox is complete, patients are able to start alcohol rehab. Rehab is more than just time to reflect upon your history with alcohol. Rehab provides you with the diagnosis, therapies, treatments, education and support you need to start a better life in recovery.

Beaches Recovery is a premier alcohol rehab center accredited by the Joint Commission. This accreditation is a mark of excellence in treatment programs and results. Patients of Beaches Recovery gain physical, mental and emotional strength through therapies and other methods of treatment for alcoholism.

Therapies of Beaches Recovery include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Evidence-based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Holistic therapies, such as art, music, and meditation
  • Adventure therapies, such as equine, bowling, and hiking
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step program participation
  • Family counseling.

If you or your loved one want control over daily life again and to enjoy better days ahead in sobriety, call Beaches Recovery now at 8666050532. Alcohol dependence is a free fall in life. By getting help, you can rebuild and begin again.