Accredited Alcohol Rehab Center for Jacksonville, Florida (FL)Accreditation is often overlooked by addicted individuals seeking an alcohol rehab center for Jacksonville, Florida. However, accreditation is very important in ensuring that the program you seek offers the quality, reputation, safety and real potential necessary to help you achieve lifelong sobriety.

Why Accredited Alcohol Rehab Center Designation Is Important in Jacksonville, Florida FL

Accredited alcohol rehab centers in Jacksonville, Florida FL have received approval from a stringent government-designated independent organization. They are then authorized to exhibit the organization’s accreditation seal at their facility and on marketing materials, such as at the bottom of their website. You can look for this seal to see immediate proof of the rehab center’s accreditation.

The accreditation process requires conformance to high standards of service provision within a specific field of healthcare. For accredited alcohol rehab centers, this field is addiction treatment and recovery, often as part of a larger behavioral health category of qualification. Requirements of the accrediting entity include safety and health, organizational compliance, business practices and governance.

Accreditation means:

  • Patient confidence as a safe, high quality provider of care
  • Validation from a third party that the accredited alcohol rehab center uses best practices
  • Peace-of-mind for families and patients served
  • Awareness of the rehab’s quality in comparison to peer organizations
  • A framework for consistency in service delivery across sites, programs and staff, so patients know they will enjoy consistency of treatment
  • Rehab organizational focus on meeting and maintaining their quality standards under accreditation
  • An empowered, mindful staff eager to continue achieving and building a new standard of care

A Joint Commission Accredited Alcohol Rehab Center

There are a few nationally-designated accreditation programs. Treatment centers may seek their accreditation from any of these, as they apply to their provision of care and field of treatment. The Joint Commission is the entity that has designated Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville Beach, Florida as a nationally accredited alcohol rehab.

In order to attain Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® as an accredited alcohol rehab Florida, Beaches Recovery had to undergo stringent reviews of the organization by outside experts. Beaches Recovery was rated for compliance with behavioral healthcare standards in the following areas:

  • Care, treatment and services
  • Leadership
  • Care environment
  • Screening procedures for patient safety

On-site auditors also screened Beaches Recovery’s performance quality through observations and interviews.

The Joint Commission has developed their standards since the organization’s inception in 1953. These healthcare standards are not just designed based upon expert and provider perspectives, but also those of patients and their families.

Accredited Rehab Designation Ensures Safe, Effective Treatment in Jacksonville, Florida FL

When looking for a treatment facility for alcohol addiction, there are certainly many rehabs to choose from. But accreditation by the Joint Commission proves that a particular treatment facility is among the best and continually strives for excellence for patients. This means that patients seeking to overcome addiction in accredited facility programs are provided with the best possible treatment toward the real goal of individual lifelong recovery.

In Jacksonville, Florida FL, Beaches Recovery provides all patients with a unique treatment plan focusing on their specific needs, including executive drug rehab, dual-diagnosis therapies to address the underlying causes of individual addiction. Treatment consists of the most advanced resources available to patients today, designed to treat the physical, mental and spiritual sides of each addict. Holistic therapies such as art, music and physical fitness programs provide a well-balanced approach to alcohol addiction treatment.

It’s time to put your alcohol addiction behind you. Call Beaches Recovery today at 8666050532 to learn more about how our accredited treatment facility provides patient-centered programs for lifelong recovery.